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9th Aug 2007, 13:39
I couldn't see any comments on this yet.
On 7 August 2007, the four Australian Government aviation agencies: Airservices Australia, the Australian Defence Force, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Department of Transport and Regional Services released a Joint Consultation Paper seeking comment on the proposed wider application of ADS-B and GNSS technologies to replace much of Australia's existing radar and navaid infrastructure. http://www.dotars.gov.au/aviation/airspace_reform/satellite_tech.aspx
If the plan goes ahead, aircraft that must currently carry a transponder will be required to be ADS-B capable by 2012-13. Most enroute radars will be decommisioned within 10 years. Subsidies will be available for certain aircraft to cover ADS-B fitment.

I know it has been discussed before but this may be the first time detailed plans with timelines have been published.