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9th Aug 2007, 06:44
From Sky news:

Ex-Rio Tinto CEO Leigh Clifford is to become the new Chairman at Qantas replacing Margaret Jackson.

He'll start at the end of the group's AGM in November.

It comes as foreign shareholding in Qantas falls to 41.75 per cent.

It's last reconciliation showed overseas ownership at 44-and-a-half per cent.

It follows concerns levels were above the 50 per cent allowed under the Qantas Sale Act during the time it was under a proposed takeover.

Hopefully he is better than the last and hops on the FOG bandwagon :ok:


9th Aug 2007, 06:56
I guess Rio will defintley keep all its contracts with Qantas then!

Fris B. Fairing
9th Aug 2007, 08:16
At least he will understand aluminium.

9th Aug 2007, 10:35
In one respect, he is the perfect Chairman to support Dixon's industrial relations reforms.

Leigh Clifford was the top man at Rio Tinto from 1994-2007, and one of the things that Clifford and Rio Tinto are famous for is being at the forefront of the push to move to Australian Workplace Agreements.

Rio Tinto's aggressive moves against organised labour in the NW of WA and in NSW and QLD coal mines are case studies in "un-levelling" the industrial playing fields. Rio now boasts that less than 8% of their workforce remain on union negotiated agreements.

He is also one of the few leading businessmen to actually come out and attack Rudd/ALP proposals to 'even-up' the Howard workplace relations laws.


Interesting times ahead for you AIPA boys and girls.....

B A Lert
9th Aug 2007, 11:01
Who? Are we getting a hard headed Pom?

9th Aug 2007, 21:56
an aussie, returning home to melbourne. i think this deal would have been stiched up in the boys club in melbourne. i do agree he is no friend of any unions. very interesting times ahead.:yuk:

9th Aug 2007, 22:00
i think this deal would have been stiched up in the boys club in melbourne.

I doubt that.

Managers Perspective
9th Aug 2007, 22:00
Just what is needed at the top.

Time to move on from all this union nonsense and start working together.


9th Aug 2007, 22:02
Birds of a feather !!!!!

You really did not think that the board would pick someone who would not endorse Dixon's ideas?

10th Aug 2007, 02:00
Time to move on from all this union nonsense and start working together.

Typical of you and your ilk. Slag off at the workers on other threads and then say 'lets all start working together'. Next you'll be wondering why the people on the front line don't trust you and certainly don't follow you- except out of morbid curiosity!

10th Aug 2007, 03:15
MP...I thought you said you did not work at QF....but then you said...

Time to move on from all this union nonsense and start working together.

Of course you mean those WHO work at QF will work together...right?

If thats the case can you let let management know so that they can be part of the team and work as well.

As well are you declaring that unions are nonsense?

10th Aug 2007, 03:16
I'll guess they will have to paint the board room wall colour from pink to blue again!!!:}

10th Aug 2007, 05:14
Managers Perspective? A worm with a dubious Certificate from one of those "nice little earner" MBA schools that universities and tech colleges run so that they may fund true academic pursuits?
Time to move on from all this union nonsense and start working together.
Time for you to take a reality check, mate. You need people like us. No labour, no output. No pilots, no fly. Bummer.

In return we need a few things. So we form collectives of labour (=unions) to deal on a more even footing with collectives of capital (=corporations).

There are plenty of top line Aussie businesspeople that can deal with unions and still make a dollar. Lindsay Fox springs to mind.

I guess if you can't cope, or you aren't good enough, you complain about it.
Deal with it, educate yourself, hone your skills..... or fark off.

10th Aug 2007, 07:53
The market seemed to like the appointment. QF shares down $0.22 last I checked

10th Aug 2007, 08:11
You can fool some of the market all of the time, and all of the market some of the time, but you can not fool all of the market all of the time. ...as the takeover debacle showed.

They know this is just more of the same.......

10th Aug 2007, 08:48
Or guys, in this particular instance, Qantas was down 23c today in line with the rest of the market-on a day when the All-Ords was down 222 points (the biggest one day fall in 6 years).

But don't let that get in the way of a slag off against the new Chairman! :rolleyes:

10th Aug 2007, 09:16
Sorry funbags, should have consulted the broker before posting

10th Aug 2007, 09:33
Funbags..The share price dropped yesterday as well after the announcement.So the market was not overly impressed then either.

Not slagging off against anyone just saying more of the same.

Enema Bandit's Dad
16th Aug 2007, 01:09
Sorry to see you missed out on the position aircraft :{. I'm sure there'll be other opportunities. Just take it on the chin like a man should.