View Full Version : Potential punch up,NRT

8th Aug 2007, 19:15
Can anyone shed any light on this one? One of my first officers was in the cage,nrt on the6th august and there was a bit of face slapping about to occur between 2 Australians,one in his 50s,the other in his 30s, and by all accounts they were pilots.Qantas?

9th Aug 2007, 00:41
Lover's tiff ?

9th Aug 2007, 02:01
SLAP must have forgotten to take his medicine:=

9th Aug 2007, 03:43
Another Narita Smackdown!!

This wouldn't happen if the Classic still went there.:)

9th Aug 2007, 04:53
Who cares? A heated discussion and too much booze perhaps?... So what.

The Rev'd
9th Aug 2007, 05:35
I seem to remember a few birdmen being separated by a ginger beer some time ago now :p

9th Aug 2007, 07:17
Crikey! sure this wasn't the NRT incident from a while back?

9th Aug 2007, 08:33
Sounds like the ideal scenario would've been if they'd punched each other out.

For christ's sake, it's the Cage. Take ego, add alcohol, and stir! Some of my colleagues take life far too seriously sometimes.

BTW, "slap" has gone to more calming pastures (out of the industry all together) - as far as I'm aware. Perhaps a pink padded room somewhere.