View Full Version : looking for QF pilot - old friend

8th Aug 2007, 18:50
I am trying to track down two old friends who fly for QANTAS.
If you are able to get a message to them with my email address please pm me.
THanks in advance,

On Guard
8th Aug 2007, 21:11
Who are they? PM names if you like.

max autobrakes
9th Aug 2007, 00:38
Who would they be?
There's only 2500+ of them to choose from.

9th Aug 2007, 07:40
Thanks on guard, check your pm's

9th Aug 2007, 08:06
Hey Weasil

Would I know them? :}

Say Hi to Mum and the kids... ;)

9th Aug 2007, 16:51
Hi Bendo,
I am trying to get in touch with BG and also another Aussie who I worked with in California who went to QF years ago. Do you still talk to BG? I don't have a current email for him anymore.

To all the people who responded already, thanks. I've had many offers to help already.