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6th Aug 2007, 00:00
Fight on Auckland to Wellington flight
11:06AM Monday August 06, 2007

A fight erupted on an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Wellington this morning.

It is understood the brawl started between two people as the flight came in to land.

It escalated when others became involved.

Police were waiting on the tarmac when NZ417 touched down, a passenger said.


Peter Fanelli
6th Aug 2007, 00:19
Someone refused to share the sheep?

6th Aug 2007, 00:23
yeah pete ...thats original and anal......of course it was a sheep...get a grip

6th Aug 2007, 01:54
Someone refused to share the sheep? :D

Peter, you might share sheep, but over here we shear them instead.

Over and gout
6th Aug 2007, 02:40
A tour bus full of tourists visiting New Zealand stops by a farmer holding a sheep. One of them calls out "are you shearing?".
The farmer yells back, in an unhappy tone 'NO, **** off and get your own!'


6th Aug 2007, 02:42
Don't you just love great journalism?

It is understood the brawl started between two people as the flight came in to land.

It escalated when others became involved.

Yep, it usually takes two people to start a brawl. It's a bit difficult for only one person to accomplish. And these things usually do escalate when other people become involved.

6th Aug 2007, 02:43
Probably brawling over who was gonna get the last boiled lolly http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/tantrum2.gif

Going Boeing
6th Aug 2007, 02:43
27/09, it's the way you guys pronounce "shear" that causes all the confusion.

What was the argument over - the performance of the All Blecks perhaps?

6th Aug 2007, 03:14
Two people brawling- may be it was the pilots.................

6th Aug 2007, 03:18
The great trans tasman rivalry reaches dizzy new original comedic heights! Imagine that! Jokes about sheep and stretched vowels. Sux.Seeks.Penn.Pin.Fair suck of the sav sheila. Woy is it called Woy Woy?. etc etc ad nausem. I wanna hear more about the Biffo.
Hey Pyote! You got a job?

6th Aug 2007, 04:04
Passenger apparently didn't take medication and got a bit agro at the guy sitting next door. Had to be restrained by cabin crew and a couple of other "sane" pax. Imagine that happening on a Beechcraft :ooh:

6th Aug 2007, 04:10
Wern't the constabulary on the ball, the brawl commenced during the landing phase, and the police made it to the apron to meet the flight.

kiwi chick
6th Aug 2007, 04:20
hahaha! Let them take the piss out of us, its all in good fun I am sure! ;)

Anyway, at least it makes news here - how often do you think this happens elsewhere?

6th Aug 2007, 05:03
Ironically, an (ex) All Black was involved somewhere along the line....


6th Aug 2007, 05:25
Surprised it doesnt happen more often especially on long haul in cramped quarters and a free flowing supply of booze at altitude? Surprised after all these years there hasnt been an all out riot involving nearly everyone somewhere in the world (although I suspect there must have been).

Agreed the last thing youd want is a nut/druggie running loose in the cabin..... especially in the 1900 where the cabin is the same thing as the cockpit anyway.

kiwi chick
6th Aug 2007, 05:28
They just said on the radio it was a 737... slight difference me thinks. So which was it?! :rolleyes:

6th Aug 2007, 05:52
Few years ago I got onto a flight in Whangarei for Auckland - Bandeirante I think. During an election campaign, maybe 2000.

Sitting up near the front was Winston Peters and across the aisle an opposing candidate.

Captain comes to give the pax briefing, does his spiel and then looks at Peters and the other guy: "you two shut up, don't look at each other, don't talk to each other and keep your hands to yourselves". Turns and gets into his seat and we're off.

Nobody batted an eyelid!


7th Aug 2007, 10:05
HAHAH whats that mate!!!

Do you think I would have time to piss around on here and post crappy brawling pax stories if I had a job?

Hows the Carribean?

Im going back to the dark continent, they pay pilots over there!

7th Aug 2007, 22:57
chick, It was a 73. The discussion was imagine it had been a B190

kiwi chick
7th Aug 2007, 23:11
oh, yeah! little more room to brawl in a 73 i guess... ;)

8th Aug 2007, 01:07
Probably someone stole his mutton birds eh bro?

kiwi chick
8th Aug 2007, 01:20
Would normallly laugh heartily "ho ho ho" but alas it twas an asian chappie... 42 years old travelling with his parents... so i fear it may have been a case of "someone stole the salmon from his sushi" ;)

8th Aug 2007, 06:50
Probably just peeved off at the lack of biscuit....
Brawl in the 1900? Ooh no!.. I'll just shut my 'flight deck security curtain'.....
and it'll all go away...

distracted cockroach
8th Aug 2007, 09:53
OK so now everyone knows the guy had "failed to take his medication".
Personally, I think check-in and ground staff are waaay too lenient on who they allow to proceed to boarding. Apparently this guy had also caused a commotion prior to boarding a flight in Japan earlier on in the journey.
How many times do you get the ground staff saying "we have a passenger who is a bit intoxicated...but should be ok". Yeah right buddy. You don't have to deal with him half way through the flight when the alcohol really hits him combined with the effects of altitude (fortunately neither do I, but the F/As do)
Anyone who is obviously intoxicated should be denied boarding FULL STOP.
There will be the odd case of someone being wrongfully offloaded (perhaps they slur their words due to a speech defect or are diabetic or something) but the benefits of not having disruptive drunks on board should outweigh the downsides.
As for on-board drinking...flight attendants normally have this in hand and SHOULD stop any problems before they occur.
People have to learn to behave themselves, or get used to taking a slow-boat (or bus or train)

Anulus Filler
8th Aug 2007, 14:18
Peter, you might share sheep, but over here we shear them instead
So you have Brazilian sheep as well??:ooh: