View Full Version : Anyone help me with Limewire please?

Duff beer
5th Aug 2007, 20:50
Hi chaps,

all of a sudden limewire wont download mp3 files anymore.

When I do a search for any track it gives me some options with the '#' field upto 90+ yet it still says need more sources.

As per usual can you help me please.


Bob Lenahan
10th Aug 2007, 20:50
not much of a geek here, but maybe you could un-install, re-download, and install again. ??

11th Aug 2007, 06:15
If you have PeerGuardian* installed, it could be blocking the downloads, but more likely is that a lot of those returns (Eg 90+ ) don't actually work. If the "browse host" button is greyed out, that is sometimes a clue.
I've found, sometimes, that it is better to try and retrieve a song that only one IP address is hosting. Might take a little longer, but it often works.
If this happens with every single thing you are trying to download, it's likely to be a firewall (yours) that's blocking it.
Any particular mp3 you're trying to download? If I have it, I'd happily send it to you.

* Peerguardian is a fairly popular program designed to block access from blacklisted sites. The blacklist is made up of a number of different categories, including advertising, spyware, the music industry mafia, etc. It's somewhat effective, and you can add user-specified addresses to the blacklist.