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2nd Aug 2007, 06:07

A CHARTER aircraft company is suing Mark Grollo for $1 million damage to one of its planes after he allegedly performed dangerous acrobatics resulting in serious engine damage.
The son of tycoon Rino Grollo has admitted carrying out stunts before having to make an emergency landing when warning lights indicated an imminent risk of a crash.
The plane was grounded for more than a year, but Mr Grollo has refused to pay the damage bill.
It is believed Mr Grollo, a highly experienced pilot and training pilot who has worked for the Royal Flying Doctors' Service, will argue that the engines were already in a state of disrepair and could have malfunctioned at any time.
He also claims that the amount sought by Interair is excessive.
Federal Court documents seen by the Herald Sun claim that Mr Grollo hired the Beech Kingair 200 from Interair for $1300 an hour, to ferry guests of a wealthy restaurateur to Mt Hotham for a two-day birthday celebration.
Interair alleges Mr Grollo flew the plane in a reckless manner and that he put the aircraft through a series of steep dives and climbs and at least one 360-degree roll.
A passenger told Civil Aviation Safety Authority investigators that on the way to the airport, Mr Grollo had told them he would show them what the plane could do.
"When we took off, the aircraft climbed very sharply and high very quickly," Tommy Cosgrove said in a statement to CASA. "Mark flew a number of orbits . . . during these orbits, my stomach felt as though it had hit the floor.
"We were flying at a steep angle and Mark was holding the control column hard back.
"Mark put the aircraft into a steep climb and when it seemed to me that the aircraft had reached the top of the climb, Mark held it there and said it was still climbing.
"Then he pushed the control column in and the aircraft started to level out and then to descend."
Mr Cosgrove said the sudden dive terrified him.
"At the bottom of the dive, when Mark was pulling out of it, I couldn't lift my hands from my sides.
"I looked into the main cabin behind us and I saw Kandy and Jon floating and spinning in the air above their seats."
Mr Cosgrove said he asked Mr Grollo if they had just rolled 360 degrees and was told, "Yes".
"Then I saw him look towards a red light on the top of the instrument panel," Mr Cosgrove said.
"I saw another red light come on right next to the first. Mark looked concerned, and said something like, 'That's not good'.
"I asked what the problem was and he replied, 'I think we better get back'."
Among the company's claims is more than $400,000 for loss of hiring income, $479,942 for engine repair, and $24,452 for windscreen repairs.


Di :O

2nd Aug 2007, 08:34
hope they make him pay 2 million!

max AB
2nd Aug 2007, 09:00
The last words of some pilots is "take a look at this.." or words to that effect. I would think at 1M it is getting off pretty lightly.

2nd Aug 2007, 23:56
Wealthy, snow weekend, and party. Where did Kandy fit in?