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2nd Aug 2007, 04:01
Is there any truth to the rumour that Brindabella is parking aircraft up because it can't find suitable pilots for its Metros. Even at $50k!

Howard Hughes
2nd Aug 2007, 04:30
50K, I am assuming thats for an F/O?:hmm:

2nd Aug 2007, 04:47
unfortunately, I think you will find that is a Captain...and bring/buy your own Metro rating...no surprise really in the current environ

2nd Aug 2007, 04:55
I have heard no such rumour. Did they not just take over the BN - PMQ - Coffs run left empty by the demise of Sunshine Express?? And some/most of the crew went across with the deal?? So I dont think that they are short of crew at all.

Also Brindabella have just confirmed the purchase of J41 aircraft.

Howard Hughes
2nd Aug 2007, 04:55
Well then, if the initial post is true I am not surprised they are parking aircraft...:rolleyes:

2nd Aug 2007, 05:14
Ok i'm no award expert here so please let me know where i'm going wrong but reference for this is the March 2007 pilots award off the AFAP website. Now Metro is around 6500kgs or so -
Base Rate Captain - $41,316
Exercising privleges of a ATPL(req over 5700kgs) $3658
Turboprop allowance $4827
Command Instrument Rating $4435

TOTAL $54,236

Despite all the current issues at rex, looking at their award conditions on the recently retired Metros, on 2005 figures a 1 year Metro Captain was on $58k up to $66k for a 10 year command.

2nd Aug 2007, 05:20
Puff, while I wont dispute your figures, I think that the point here is that in the current market people are going to want above award salaries.

There are jobs going for PA31's that pay $50,000.00 pa.

And as "The Kavorka" points out in almost every post he/she makes, people are leaving REX due lack of remuneration given the current market.


2nd Aug 2007, 07:45
I have just left Brindabella and I can tell you that they are not parking aircraft. Schedules haven't been affected. They do pay award and its a great place to work. Like every operator is finding at the moment, there are no longer pilots falling out of trees but there still enough around to crew current schedules. I have had 2 very happy years in Canberra at Brindabella and I'm very excited for the future crews that get to fly the J41s

2nd Aug 2007, 21:49
Well, like I said it was a rumour.

The Kavorka
3rd Aug 2007, 06:48

you must be easily excited!!!...............don't get out much???????

3rd Aug 2007, 07:06
Hey Kavorka.... thanks champ. Where I am is a tad more exciting than you... Champ

Kavorka in IRAQ

Drshmoos Office

Perhaps we should run a poll???

The Kavorka
4th Aug 2007, 12:01

sorry mate just winding you up!!!!!

What wrong with dodging suicide bombers and RPG'S, keeps you on your toes...........

I'll bet you it's safer than working for some GA companys in AUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Induced Turbulence
4th Aug 2007, 23:55
Thought you might have given us a closeup of some of the workers in your office.