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1st Aug 2007, 21:43
Well guys its bonus time yet again for all of Cox's and Harris's boys and this is being reflected by the total lack of MH little boys Rodney, who has repeatly been requested to purchase some chairs for the SIT lunchroom. But his response is that no one has given him a request offically!
Well the boys picked out a modest chair from a catalog and priced them. You guessed it - gave it to Rodney and he said tooooooo expensive....
Oh bonus time is all about me - forget the people who do the continual work with a total lack of resources....Even the toothless OH & S rep wouldnt upset the apple cart and let workcover know that guys were resorting to milk crates as chairs!
Oh I forgot the Adventure bonding sessions are far more important than having a proper rest area for your workers....
Qantas Lite - does that mean lite as in no staff or is it no resources?

Long Bay Mauler
2nd Aug 2007, 07:56
But we are such a good company to our employees, and we spend $200 million dollars on training and have one of the largest apprentice training schemes in Australia, and we pay good money and we are looking for flexible working arrangements with our employees, blah, blah blah.

Do I sound cynical?

How come a company like Qantas doesnt have contracts in place for standard office/smoko room furniture? Its not BL00dLY hard.And with those blokes who are facilitators(on straight days with penalties) in the relevant workplaces,how about being one step ahead of the dim witted managers and getting at least one or two chairs purchased every 6 months or so.(Might cost say $200)

I know there are some smoko rooms in the network that look like one of Saddam Hussiens palaces and there are others that have plastic garden chairs.

For a billion dollar company,I think some of these managers think we all live in housing commision and as such should be treated as so.Maybe when they buy a new lounge with their bonuses,they could toss us their old one.:{

No SAR No Details
2nd Aug 2007, 12:55
You should see the old Sydney Heavy Maintenance Smoko room.
Some Fcker stole all of the chairs and tables and then some ACS management Fwit graffitied the walls with wanky management slogans to look hip and cool. I nearly choked when I saw it.
It was like someone had desecrated a grave yard.
You might like to enquire what happened to that furniture.
ps Muzza your brother in law cocks may not be your boss for much longer. Do you think you are next in line?

3rd Aug 2007, 18:05
Well interesting about the Heavy Maaintenance chairs and tables going missing....I know the SIT asked Base if they could have some but was refused...they need them as a training room...
Maybe they are all on Ebay by one of the Base guys?
Will have to check....
The saga continues.....milk crates arent that comfortable thats for sure...

3rd Aug 2007, 18:57
my parents had this uncomfortable pull out bed, they kept it as to stop people staying over for extended stayovers.
maybe management has the same idea?

4th Aug 2007, 18:07
All jokes aside something so trivial attacks morale to the point where it is obvious QF management are totally bonus driven - dont spend a cent to make my budget look so good that I will achieve my bonus....
How can anyone believe anything said by any of these managers?
Lie after lie.....
I suppose on the brighter side, they are consistent...bonus before anything

Syd eng
4th Aug 2007, 21:00
Should the new motto for QANTAS Engineering be,
"Bonus before safety before schedule"?

Managers Perspective
5th Aug 2007, 05:18
I cannot understand how a matter like this can be allowed to continue for so long.

Sounds like there is an immediate and cost effective solution just sitting there.

Unless there an industrial or regulatory requirement for QANTAS to provide them, close the tea rooms.


5th Aug 2007, 06:28
Actually why not sack everyone, the Cox, Murray & Rod can form a committee to decide how much money they should divide up amongst themselves....mind you like all the committees chaired by these three, there never is an outcome....
Still the meetings would be impressive, deciding on the new Slogan BSS""
"Bonus before Safety & Schedule

5th Aug 2007, 08:20
MP, your last response soundslike that of a little school boy who's picking up his bat and ball and going home cause he's copped an absolute flogging.
Poor bugger can't beat them with intelligent arguement, so he going to try and incite the "common scum" with throw away lines and stupidity in attempt to get a rise and show how big his prosthetic penis is.
First rule of QF Management, be a Fwit. MP you passed. You might get Cocks job?:ok:

Managers Perspective
5th Aug 2007, 08:44
Actually why not sack everyone

Maybe that is an option, then bring in some real talent from Europe.

Their engineers offer full flexibility with Part 66 licences.


5th Aug 2007, 08:58
who would leave to europe to work qantas a lot of paddies and pommes came over in 89 most went back and the silly sods who stayed wish they went back.

66 licenced engineers can work anywhere why work for a company that treats their workers so badly

a lame is only as good as the ames under him where would the ames come from? $700 a week will not buy top spanner man

and yes the company has to provide a smoko room which we engineers call ready rooms(work it out einstine)

5th Aug 2007, 09:06
EASA and Part 66, well MP we'll see how that pans out. What are you looking for? Signatures/certification and tick the box to meet regulation OR actually trained and competent personal that would be woth their weight.

I guess the earlier is the new standard the current bufoons in CASA are pushing and you fools are lapping it up. (Although I hear its not all that you expected.) Cost savings? Reliability? Safety? Efficiency? Delays? I hear the B2's still supplement the B1's in Europe! A Cat hmmm has it worked for anyone?:ouch:

5th Aug 2007, 15:43
QF took all goodwill and flushed it down the toilet for the sake of their
own personal gain in the form of bonuses.
MP you tool , you wouldn't know a flexibility if it bit you on the ass!!
QF had a willing , cooperative workforce who would do pretty well anything
for the company. Now , sadly, no one cares.
They have had enough of management BS. You hear about bird flu , sars ,
9/11 and rising fuel costs and bad times are and yet GD DC and MH all seem to be getting massive pay rises and bonuses based on every one else's hard
Mate look at the winner decisions QF have made , buy long haul a330's with single serve galleys (100mil to rectify). Not buying 777,s now we loose market share because we don't have enough aircraft to compete. closing down syd heavy.
QF don't know how good they had it .
I wonder what will rise from the ashes of the GD era but then,
will anyone care by then .
And I love the new logo

5th Aug 2007, 22:44
Quote from Managers Perspective.......

"Unless there an industrial or regulatory requirement for QANTAS to provide them, close the tea rooms"

As with your usual stance you are showing that you are symptomatic of the lazy and unimaginative management that is dividing and dramatically reducing Australia to a shell of what we once were and still could and should be.

With your latest example of managerial talent you are showing us Australian business leadership 101.

This can be summed up with one word..."DENIAL"

If you deny that something exists then there is nothing that needs to be fixed.Therefore there is nothing that is challenging your position.

This is a perfect solution to virtually any problem you face as management.Even if the worst case scenario happens because of offshore maintenance.

You simply deny that anything that has happened was your fault and you had no idea of any short comings in the policy.

Why stop at closing tea rooms? Why give lunch breaks? Why pay tax? Why provide employees with anything unless of course the law requires you to.

6th Aug 2007, 06:22
I agree with MP, can you please get more than 3 people to respond, there seems to be a disatict click that raves on, may i suggest you go away, you guys are really a few dinasours who cannot acept modern work place practices

6th Aug 2007, 07:33
From wingers...

you guys are really a few dinasours who cannot acept modern work place practices

If you acept that under modern work place practices chairs are not necessary then Darth wants to hear from you and has a vacancy as Chairman of the Board to offer you.

We're only dinasaurs and a disatict click at that.

Now the only requirement is that you correct your spelling and I suggest you ask your mum for help after dinner.

By the way is aircraft your older brother and is Managers perspective your Dad ?

7th Aug 2007, 04:39
Maybe we should give up our uniforms aswell.

A nude tarmac (except bright yellow ppe) should be very amusing:D

Grassmere Avenue
7th Aug 2007, 04:52
A quick one......

Wonder what 'Manager's Perspective' sits on while earning their keep?.....:eek:

Long Bay Mauler
7th Aug 2007, 05:30
Good one Brownwingers!!!

Always glad for a postive critique from someone in the know like yourself.

Maybe you can tell us how good we got it here?

7th Aug 2007, 06:11
Well gents. like i said, if you dont like it, please faeel feree to leeaave

7th Aug 2007, 07:03
ok enough bagging,
the reason they will not buy chairs is because after the sydney precident review they wont need many.
I read this in the 3rd cubical from the left in h131/g
its normally a good source

7th Aug 2007, 08:20
wingers...Do you have a stutter or is it your spelling yet again?

Managers Perspective
7th Aug 2007, 08:25
Maybe we should give up our uniforms as well.

Not sure about the uniforms, but I would have a good hard look at the relevance of epaulettes.


7th Aug 2007, 09:54
Wingers , I am all for a modern workplace with modern work practices,
however management hasn't come up with one yet.
Its all very well to talk the talk, however all the change I have seen has taken productivity backwards.
Sure costs appear to have been cut , however all we have done is
increase the cost or caused inefficancies to other business units.
It just shows me that the current management ,despite their fast
talk really don't know the business.
So what is the only thing they can do ?
Attack their workforce.
Qf management NEVER ask for input from the people actually doing the job
and if they do then it is via some committee stacked with empire builders
and with a pre determined result.
All the worksafe / be safe BS has come because qf were threatened with loosing its self insurer status , not because it cared about its workforce.
Offshore maint is only a viable option because flight ops pay for the aircraft positioning costs and ACS foot the bill for all the hold items and
deffered work when the aircraft gets back to OZ.
Our workshops fell apart because they retrenched the foreman and productivity dropped dramatically and then they couldn't support the heavy checks. Instead of a foreman who knows the job these poor bastards
in the fitting shop/ sheetie shops have a "value stream leader" who can talk the talk with the boss but has absolutly no idea what is going on in the workplace.
So Winger and managers perspective,
I challenge you to tell us all how to fix the situation we are in because
with all your talk , I don't think you know!
And don't just sit there and blame the ALAEA . I have seen them offer qf some very good options regarding the customers, however our manager
couldn't see it because he didn't understand the business.
Remember to engauge the work force first you have to gain there respect.

7th Aug 2007, 10:40
Hi Lads and Lassies,

First time back in a long time with you all. Switched sides in the meantime but I don't recall ever being so poorly treated by Charlie Q as you poor boys and girls.

Anyway, on to your problem with positioning the posterior in perpetuity.

Firstly, you will only have success when the number of seats you ask for is less than half the number of butts that can possibly fill them at any one time. The rest of you should be working.

Secondly, when you ask for the seats don't ask for ones that have a high comfort factor as you, in reality, should never be sitting in them for longer than 30 minutes anyway on any given shift.

Hope that helps.


P.S. I have from time to time read (and greatly enjoyed) these pages based on a simple adage contained in one Hanlon's Razor which states: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

15th Aug 2007, 02:13
Well the SIT manager or should I say the Manager of Sydney Line Maintenance covering both sydney domestic and international line operations has announced that the "Chairs" are on order! Sad things is the time frame could be 6 to 8 months.....very hard to buy chairs (50) that are cheap...I understand he negotiated very toughly on the price to buy the crappiest cheaps chairs!
Still no one is complaining....once this intergration of international and domestic line operations goes ahead, we can get lots of chairs from the domestic terminal!

16th Aug 2007, 00:00
Wingers said:"Well gents. like i said, if you dont like it, please faeel feree to leeaave"They are leaving, Wingers. At our hangar, its around 1 or 2 every month. LAMES and AMES. That number would be higher too, if people could get a fair shot at the internal vacancies that get advertised around the network. The rumour is that no one from our hangar will ever get an internal vacancy until the our staffing level reaches the required level.Do you think a reasonable person would see this as discriminatory or as an unreasonable restraint on ones career development?

16th Aug 2007, 01:02
The rumour is that no one from our hangar will ever get an internal vacancy until the our staffing level reaches the required level.Do you think a reasonable person would see this as discriminatory or as an unreasonable restraint on ones career development?

Careers stoped in qantas in the 90's
you are a number with a job
maning levels are low in your area you will stay till numbers rise
maning levels are high in your area you will be retrenched
welcome to the real world

6th Sep 2007, 10:53
Well gents. like i said, if you dont like it, please faeel feree to leeaaveYou see, that's the thing. People don't want to leave because most of them think back to when things were all good. The days when management supported the efforts of the engineers, rather than trying to undermine them. The days when safety was number one, rather than secondary to the dollar. The days when we were given the resources to carry out our work, rather than told to make do with sub-standard equipment, broken equipment or inadequate equipment. The days when skilled aircraft maintenance engineers were actually paid well considering the training they went through and considering the responsibility they have to the flying public. Considering the fact that each time that plane flies, the work they have carried out must get a couple of hundred people up in the sky and keep them there without an accident.

That's right. Things have changed. They have changed for the worst. So, whingers, must we accept the downward spiral or leave? Must we must accept the change in attitude toward serviceability and safety of the aircraft or leave? We must accept the fact than whilst our once great employer is making record profits, we are expected to do more, with less, for less? Must we accept the fact that we are to be fed an endless torrent of drivel in the form of strategy maps, lean sigma, value streams which seem to be "in" this week and replaced by a new "latest and greatest" philosophy next week? What happened to the days when we were allowed to get on with our jobs? Get the plane serviceable to the highest standards? Where those who took the initiative to further their career were rewarded with a type course, let alone, a LAME position. Where those who came up with a solution to a problem were recognised, rather than having their idea stolen and promoted under the banner of lean sigma?

Yeah. you are right. Let's all take whingers advice. Let's all leave. Whinger, you can have your way. Bring in the "skilled" labour from overseas. Let's see who will be attracted to the pitiful wages that would prevail if such a scenario were to occur. Certainly not the "real talent" from Europe as stated by another poster. They will be too busy working where the money is. Too busy working where their talent is recognised and rewarded.

7th Sep 2007, 05:12
Feel free to leave, I did feel free and I did leave...there is good, well paid work around, both in OZ and oversea's.
Doubt if the majority of +10 years service LAME's at QF have the ball's...especially the over 30's ex apprentices who have never seen the real world, like a child to a mothers breast,
Believe me, a much better life. You are paid well, treated with respect, skills are recognised and thanked for, no company crap..Try it

7th Sep 2007, 08:42
Hear, Hear Splashman,

I agree. There is plenty of well paid work available with employers that treat people much better than QF.

If they offer redundancy again I would strongly advise anyone that is sick of QF to leave. It won't take long for anyone to find a job in the current climate.

I left after 20 yrs as a LAME and wouldn't go back.