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1st Aug 2007, 05:11
Has anyone heard about interviews or start dates for the -8 jobs going with Surveillance Aus?

I noticed their Closing Date on Staff CV changed twice and not it's not until Dec 31st 2007!! WTF?

After seeing two of their posts on AFAP website I would have thought they were scrambling for crews with all their airplane orders due soon.

1st Aug 2007, 05:23
SA are losing pilot's by the bucket full. Broome base has 11 pilots and are losing 7 by next month. 4 Jetstar, 2 Cathay and 1 to Alliance. Anybody with a heart beat will get a job with them soon.:ok:

Long John Silver
26th Oct 2007, 11:40
Does anyone know what type of conditions are on offer at SA for dash captains? Would be interested to know what kind of package is on offer, ie salary, housing, bond?

Appreciate any info. Cheers

TCAS Shennanigans
28th Oct 2007, 07:51
Surveillance offer a mediocre deal at best. People are leaving in droves for a reason and roster stability is one of them, there isnt any.

However as a short term prospect for some Dash time then it may be worth looking into.

I speak from experience and from the experience of some colleagues, be your own judge of course but be wary.

Good luck :)

28th Oct 2007, 21:38
I believe Skippers pay their DHC8 Captains in excess of the Surveillance Australia drivers now.

95K including super
87K if not including super

82K not including super

Can anyone confirm?

28th Oct 2007, 22:17
Surviellance Aus is part of Cobham Australia. Read any post about a Cobham company like NJS and you may get the idea. There are plenty of jobs around at present why on earth would you consider this mob. Cannot retain pilots, industrial action, court cases....................:ugh:

The Voice
29th Oct 2007, 03:11
Careful Ren, your bias is showing ..!:E

Diver Dan
29th Oct 2007, 20:08
There is no management link between NJS and SAPL except at the very top.

The issues that NJS have are completely different (no suggestion of the HR dramas that NJS have at SAPL).

The only problem with SAPL is a high turnover due uncompetitive salaries - NJS have low turnover and high drama.

Different problem completely.

PS: No one stays long enough at SAPL to be bothered to start IR wars!

29th Oct 2007, 22:41
Diving Duck,
the IR problems being addressed at NJS originated with Future Bleakness, the same Future Bleakness that you guys are subject to and handed down by the same CEO.
SAPL is a high turnover due uncompetitive salaries - NJS have low turnover and high drama
NJS lost 6 pilots in the last month. That is a 200% increase on what they lost in the previous 12 months. Both sides have exactly the same problems and they are driven from the top.
Our dramas are only due to most pilots not accepting shite any more.
Your guys simply vote with their feet, some coming to us:confused: :confused: :confused:. different stages in their flying careers.