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1st Aug 2007, 04:46
Possibly one of the biggest mistakes made by Rex for some time. They are now going to stick their head into QLD and operate Brissy - Marybourough along side sunstate, sunshine, virgin's e-jets etc......Perhaps getting pilots to crew their current flights might be a better option....

1st Aug 2007, 04:48
Can always use uav's
they have been cancelling quite a few flights of late??????????

1st Aug 2007, 08:48
I don't think there has been a service at all to Maryborough Qld since Sunshine departed.
Hervey Bay of course has multiple services.

1st Aug 2007, 09:03
You're right megle2.

I truely would like to speak about a REX good news story for a change, but I don't know about this one.

Crews and engineering support will be the big problem. Normally this would be a tonic, albeit a small one, to the good people on the ground.

I only hope it doesn't become a poisoned chalis!

1st Aug 2007, 10:49
The old Maryburg is not that much of a tourist destination, kinda the sad old Boiler Aunty to Hervey Bay & Bundy (Don't even mention the Sunny Coast just down the road).

But ...not too far out of the old Maryborough is a pretty smick new jail with the obvious incumbent prison population. Captive market, so to speak. :)

Prisoners need to get to and from, and those that love 'em samo.

Could work, hope it does.

1st Aug 2007, 12:06
Where is the slammer near Maryburrow?:suspect:

But you have a point!


2nd Aug 2007, 01:32
Might be a smart move strategically;

FTA is about to open a new training center at YMYB with 300 students plus staff.

New Prison etc.

All of which bring families and support workers and their families.

Could be just enough extra 3-4 seats a flight to make the L/F work out.

The Kavorka
2nd Aug 2007, 03:33
I also hear that the CP is over in the Ukraine looking for pilots........

How desperate can you get!!!!!

Rex are about to announce or already have, a 30 million dollar profit this year and even with so many pilots leaving they will not offer better T&c's for the crews...:mad::mad::mad:

I wonder how many career captains will leave when they have to fly with Eastern block pilots who can hardly speak a word of english......and what hapens when they have to be upgraded, I'm sure the travelling public would love that!!!

2nd Aug 2007, 04:34
30 Mil!!!

Chr!st Kavorka!

If true, a spectacular result. The way things are going, next year will be equally spectacular, but sadly for different reasons.

Then, all the hard work of previous years will be lost. The shareholders will be demanding answers as to how this could have happened?

What will management say to them?

I'll bet a carton of Crownies they won't admit to cooking the golden goose!

Or is that [email protected] the pooch?