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30th Jul 2007, 21:59
Here we go again - Jetstars Lisa Robertson Take 2 on Qantas First Class!

From the SMH on the 31st July:

I wonder if double standards will take place! How do Jetstar Execs get QF First Class access? Surely, they should be able to travel the highest class of their airline? "Working Class" or "Alan Bennet Class"

31st Jul 2007, 09:52
Wonder what will happen to his staff travel benefits ?

There only needs to be some vague reference that you looked the wrong way at someone and all of a sudden management claims the company's image has been brought into disrepute, allegations are levelled against you for breaching god knows what policy and before your know it, the "privillege" of staff travel is removed for how ever long the manager's bad moods strikes them. :ugh: :yuk:

Wouldn't mind betting this ends up being a classic case of do as I say, not as I do. Not that we'll ever know what is said or done to him - confidentiality and all that crap.

31st Jul 2007, 09:54
He is a senior executive. We'll find out what happens to him and it will be nothing.

Have you read "animal farm".

stubby jumbo
31st Jul 2007, 10:51
So some Goose (aka Senior Manager) at JQ makes a failed attempt at some fornication .............



This is a flagrant breach of Staff Travel policy.

If it were one of us we would be punted-no questions asked.

How does pocketing a few chockies equate to some low life exec attempting to "smack the pony"????

Lets just see what the Leprichaun does on this ??

My guess will be the boyz will have a good laugh at it @ Friday Drinks in the Boardroom:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Mr Seatback 2
31st Jul 2007, 14:03

Jetstar employees (by that, I mean the real employees, who work at the coalface) get similar staff travel benefits to QF staff...ie. we have to be there 7 years before we get anywhere near the pointy end on international flights, etc. And even then, that pointy end isn't F class either.

As for the employees flying in J (or F - which we would never see anyway), we only get upgraded once the flight closes, giving all frequent flyers and co all the opportunity to get upgraded...only then, do we get what's left. That goes for domestic and international, duty or leisure.

Only senior management types get access to F class where it exists.

I find this bit interesting...

"I do have a problem as a QF Plat FF with Jetstar staff / senior staff taking seats that a FF could take. I won't have a problem if Jetstar allow me to book Jetstar and upgrade (at a reasonable rate) to a proper airline.
As a FF I'd much rather see the QF staff enjoying 1st class than a Jetstar employee."

JQ staff don't prevent ANY FF member claiming an upgrade - our upgrades only can occur once the flight has been closed (which means, no one else can check in, etc because it's closed...game over!)...

I assume this is the case for management too...but hey, some animals are more equal than others, as it's said in the book.

Why would you prefer to see QF staff enjoying F class over a JQ employee? By way of history, half of the current employees (those who are left) were transferred from QFLink to become Jetstar. I remain with JQ to pay the bills. Not my fault that GD and co decided to thrust his low cost ideas (via the airline I joined years before) upon all and sundry. We went from full service to no frills overnight.

Perhaps your anti-JQ feelings should be aimed at the QF board, and not the vast majority of innocent JQ staff who, like our QF cohorts, are forced to put up with ongoing abuse from the public for decisions not of our making?

F class...wouldn't know what it looked like, and like most JQ staff, won't ever know anyway.

31st Jul 2007, 18:08
As much as I give crap to QF sometimes, they clearly remain the best international airline in the world
seriously, do you actually believe QF to be the best international airline in the world?? That's a big claim - interested in what specific areas you feel that QF excel in comparison with every other international airline in the world?
Choice magazine has a different viewpoint.

http://http://www.choice.com.au/viewArticle.aspx?id=105749&catId=100281&tid=100008&p=1&title=Airline+satisfaction (http://www.choice.com.au/viewArticle.aspx?id=105749&catId=100281&tid=100008&p=1&title=Airline+satisfaction)

31st Jul 2007, 20:49
Fantastic Reply Mr Seatback..... I knew I loved you for a reason

Well at least Mr Buchanan's getting some I guess.

31st Jul 2007, 23:04
buchanan (FFPL)is part of the excecutive team in J*, QF, which travel in the "must go category" on duty. that means they kick off a commercial passenger if needed. dont forget the FF points they get for nothing. i pressume he and female would have travelled on points in PC(my guess, but usualy a pretty good one). AJ is now CL ,gets freee points and the rest. there are always two set of rules in QF. nothing will happen to him.:yuk:

1st Aug 2007, 02:19
Your comments are out of line. Why is a Jetstar employee eligible for Qantas Group Staff Travel benefits less entitled to make use of the program than other staff?

Never mind that what Mr Seatback said is also correct in that any upgrades you are entitled to as a loyal Qantas flyer are actioned prior to staff being onloaded in any cabin whilst on subload travel.

Given that some of the destinations I fly to have been almost totally replaced by Jetstar Poor darlin... And who do you think has most say as to where Jetstar fly? The same Qantas you think so highly of, perhaps?

As for your comments about A330 domestic J class... The seats are identical in width to those on the domestic 767s. And the 4 middle seats out of 38 is only some 10% of the total available.

The domestic J seat pitch and product in general could use an improvement, in my opinion, though to single out the domestic A330 configuration is rubbish. Emirates use 2-3-2 on their 332s and have only recently increased the pitch from 44-49" to 60". Those 332s were the maintstay of many longer routes until demand picked up and the 773s were in abundence.

Don Esson
1st Aug 2007, 05:55
Ditthy, I should shut the hell up about Staff Travel if I were you. You've come a long way since the bare boned, no-frills conditions you enjoyed at Impulse, all on the back of Qantas benevolence. Blokes like you give airline staff a bad name.:ugh::ugh:.

Condition lever
1st Aug 2007, 06:02
PAF is in the RAAF, let him go sit in a friggin Herc!!!!:}

1st Aug 2007, 06:25
So what does staff travel have to do with you mr Esson ? or any so called Qantas benevelonce ?:hmm::hmm:

1st Aug 2007, 07:31
Don -
Care to substantiate that comment? Most uncalled for, Mate.

While you are mouthing off under the veil of anonymity (which speaks much about your own character) I must disagree with your comment. I make a valid, honest and positive contribution to my team and work hard for the renumeration and benefits I receive.

Small little men like you only make me feel better about the person I am.

Paxing back from Honkers in First the other day was lovely too, thanks :ok:

1st Aug 2007, 08:24
This Buchanan character would not be of the "Flight West" Buchanan's, would he ?

1st Aug 2007, 08:33
Dunno. He was seeing one of the hosties at The Star last I heard. That was a while ago now, though.

B A Lert
20th Aug 2007, 00:44
Is this guy still a "Senior Executive"?

He has made Kevin Rudd look an innocent abroad.

20th Aug 2007, 05:19
as i travel many times through melbourne these days i see many J* duty travellers onboard Qf in PC on duty travel. you can easily identify them by their attitude. like a little mouse in the corner, friendly ,but ever so shy and forthcoming of their background.:rolleyes:

Section28- BE
21st Aug 2007, 06:03
Mr Gasket-

“This Buchanan character would not be of the "Flight West" Buchanan's, would he ?”

I think not!!!