View Full Version : Vale Captain Bill Hanrahan

30th Jul 2007, 11:56
Bill passed away today from a heart attack while driving to work.
Sympathy to all concerned.

Ndicho Moja
30th Jul 2007, 13:13
My thoughts and good wishes to his family. Captain Hanrahan "teed" a lot of people off but he was always civil to me and treated me with respect in and out of work. To Captain Hanrahan's family, good luck. Vale:sad:

30th Jul 2007, 14:14
I only flew with Bill on a few occasions and never really knew him well.

The first time I met him was shortly after he arrived from Toulouse on the delivery flight of HYB.

A couple of years later I was so proud to join Ansett where I regularly flew HYB.

Bill's passing serves as a personal reminder that although I have moved on from Ansett, I still miss the old days and the guys and gals we worked with.

A sad day, fair tailwinds Bill.

A sad event, RIP Ansett.

30th Jul 2007, 23:36
Not a bad bloke, and dead way before his time, probably only early 60's. I offer my condolences to his family.

This is yet another reminder to all of us that we should enjoy life, and not work until we die; quit while you're young enough to do some living.

There IS life after flying even though some may think otherwise. Therre's no sense in being the richest man in the graveyard.

31st Jul 2007, 00:17
Bill was always a thorough gentleman to me and I am deeply shocked by his early passing.

31st Jul 2007, 05:50
A shock indeed to hear of the passing of Bill. Have known him for a long time and always respected his knowledge and enthusiasm for flying. Looked up to him for a long time, as an aviator as I am sure others did out there. People have different memories of Bill, but at the end of the day he was loved by many people out there and his death is a sad day in Australian and Ansett circles, as in all other circles as well. He has certainly done well in the last few years, after recovering from a bad accident and getting on with his vines and enjoying life out on the balcony up there in the hills. Still dont know how he got that damn balcony up there, bloody good for an old fella. Always had a firm handshake, something I think would have been with him for ever. His death will certainly make those sim sessions not as enjoyable but he is for sure going to test a few people "up there" while looking down on those here. I bet you also that he will have a very large glass of Britleys Flute in his hand sipping away and listening to a very fat italian bloke singing. Never flew with him, but I am sure I would have enjoyed it, even a sim session would have been good.
To his family you have lost a father, grandfather and a friend.
Mum keep your chin up, his harley will ride again.

crocodile redundee
31st Jul 2007, 07:37
I am so shocked to hear of Bill's passing. I had many , many hours enjoying his company both social & work times. I can only endorse all that has been said of him. He was ALWAYS a gentleman & happy to chat with anyone from the cleaner up to the manager- All on equal pegging. Sure there were lots of tales re Bill , but we all have our weaknesses dont we!!!! His worst habit- NEVER carried enough fuel!!!!! His best side was his thorough entertainment on any social occasion!!!! Now gone far far too early in his life!!!!!! VERY SAD- VALE BILL!!!!!!! Condolences to the many people emotionally close to him...

2nd Aug 2007, 09:28
A funeral service for Bill will be held on Mon 6 Aug at Stones of the Yarra Valley Chapel commencing at 1030.

A farewell to Bill will follow at approx. 1130 at Stones Vineyard in the Yarra Valley.

RIP Bill

AN Flyer
7th Aug 2007, 00:00
A true gentleman was Bill. He did everything in life with passion, be it in the left seat on Ansett or the amount of work and care he put in with QF Sim training at Airport West. I shall miss him greatly.

7th Aug 2007, 02:25
Yes having witnessed his work he certainly did demonstrate a lot of passion.