View Full Version : SIA A380 to Sydney

B A Lert
30th Jul 2007, 09:51
For the spotters and others interested out there, the SIA A380 will arrive from end of October every morning from Singapore as SQ221 at 7.10am and depart as SQ220 at 8.50am.

I guess the challenge for everyone at YSSY will be to depart it on time with just 100 minutes ground time.

Going Boeing
30th Jul 2007, 10:19
B A, there probably won't be many spotters - It's a bl00dy ugly aeroplane. SQ has a history of naming fleets - B743's Big Top, B744's Mega Top, B744F Mega Ark etc. Hopefully they'll take note of its appearance and call it Dugong.

30th Jul 2007, 10:27
BA, any idea on SQ's destination for it's inaugural flight?

30th Jul 2007, 10:39
You are right that the A380 will operate as SQ221 departing SIN at 2035 arriving in SYD at 0710. However, it will depart SYD as SQ232 at 1245, arriving in SIN at 1745.

As for the names, SQ has gotten rid of all their names from Big Top to Megatop to Jubilee, LeaderShip, MegaArk, Raffles Class etc. Only Krisworld, Krisflyer and Silver Kris remain.

B A Lert
30th Jul 2007, 10:44
Dr Pepz,

We shall see about the YSSY/WSSS flight! :ok:


Dunno mate, but judging by the hoopla in the press about an e-bay sale for tickets, WSSS to YSSY wouldn't surprise me as ANYTHING to get up the collective noses of Qantas and its CEO will surely be the Singapore game plan!

Buster Hyman
30th Jul 2007, 11:15
Call it the Fat Fokker & be done with it!

30th Jul 2007, 11:25
Buster, you are one funny [email protected]!!!:D:D:D