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30th Jul 2007, 00:13

Anyone else having nightmares with this?

There seem to be issues with the combined use by various broadcasters of Kontiki Delivery Manager. It was working quite happily with (Channel 4) '4od' until iPlayer muscled into the same program file and it has now imploded the lot. No chance of getting 'KServices' to run; and all the un/reinstalling in the world doesn't seem to solve it (including full clean; registry etc.).

This already seems a common theme running around the web, including effects on 'Sky' that also uses Kontiki. There are presumably others.

'Beta' I know, but the wider implications are a bit irritating.

green granite
30th Jul 2007, 07:37
Yep I got my email last night so I logged into the iplayer went to download something and it told me I had to use internet exploder not firefox, so I shut down FF and opened IE tried to log in and all I now get is the error message that either cookies are not enabled or another computer is using your account details. Go back to firefox it logs in with no problems. :ugh::ugh:

The other thing I'm slightly concerned about is that it's P2P and the sharing software is on all the time so if you have more than one computer on line through the same router it will slow things down, it means a bit of work to stop auto loading of software at startup. which is in fact against the user agreement.

30th Jul 2007, 20:13
Think yourselves lucky - I downloaded everything logged on, only to be told that it is for UK users only!!! Shame they didn't say that in the first place. Not much chance of seeing eastenders in Jordan now!!! The BBC sent their usual appologies and said it was for the benifit of license payers!!!

I deleted everything to do with BBCiplayer

31st Jul 2007, 02:14
Shame they didn't say that in the first place.

Yes they did say that in the first place.

"You also need to be based in the UK", just a couple of lines above where you enter your name.

In the T&C: "Downloadable BBC Content is available for download within the UK only."

A little further down: "You agree:

to not download or attempt to download the BBC Content if you are outside the UK; "

green granite
31st Jul 2007, 07:37
only to be told that it is for UK users only!!!

Try using a UK based proxy server, might work.

Mac the Knife
1st Aug 2007, 19:28
Microsoft "bought" the Beeb (and the British Library and the Bettmann Archive and....etc..)

Only available to those who have paid the Windows Tax to MS.

Other operating systems will have no access.

How does it feel to have your entire patrimony stored in an undocumented format controlled by a convicted American monopolist and readable only when you have paid him for it?

green granite
2nd Aug 2007, 08:37
Having finally got into the beeb and downloaded the program, I found the only way to download anything was to reduce my security to almost zero, and then it sent my anti-virus software ape and overloaded everything effectively locking out the computer, I managed to kill the Kontiki software with the use of the 3 finger salute eventually but had an awful job deleting it as every time I tried to delete it the bloody thing started up again and lock everything out. My av software was opening a monitoring process for each of the ports that Kontiki was using (about 10 of them) :ugh:

2nd Aug 2007, 10:32
For whatever reason, Kontiki appears the heart of a lot of people's problems with this. For anyone who has had enough of it and wants it out altogether to start again (or abandon the whole project) then KClean would appear to do a better job than standard 'Add/Remove' (some still reporting related issues after the latter).

Mysteriously the link has disappeared from a lot of sites since the iPlayer fracas, but is still available via Sky.

Information and download HERE (http://www.skymovies.com/skybybroadband/articles/article04).
[note warning at the top if you are using it for 4od, or similar]

This is v.51102.0; caution earlier v.4+ being supplied by some web links.


2nd Aug 2007, 19:19
Just got my logon details.

Just sent them to trash can.

Thanks for the heads-up guys :ok:

John Boeman
6th Aug 2007, 23:11
Oddly enough, the thing is working fine for me. Well except that it seems to take forever to download stuff. Set it to download five programmes and they took hours. But the playback quality is great.

I guess, being a bit of a computer clutz, I have not got enough clever stuff on my computer to interfere with it.

7th Aug 2007, 07:17
Apparently it can take up to 30min to download a 30 min prog.......

green granite
7th Aug 2007, 07:26
Probably the way to go is to buy a dirt cheap pc with a large hard drive and dedicate it to tv downloads.

7th Aug 2007, 16:58
And use a UK based server!



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