View Full Version : United 747-400 SOP

27th Jul 2007, 21:15
Im putting together a list of airlines operating the 747 and their standard SOP regarding the landing and use of Flaps/Autobrake/Reverse(Idle)-(full)
Sadly i've never found UA pilots on airliners.net and im new to PPRUNE so i hope i will here :)

So could any UA 744 pilot please tell me what UA has in their SOP regarding the choice of Flap's, Autobrakes and Thrust reverse? I know it depends on the conditions such as runway length, dry-wet, elevations etc. etc. but still every airline has their preferences in the SOP.

From my observations the most used config. is "flaps 30, autobrake 2, idle reverse." and in wet conditions or short runway full reverse will be used.
So how do you UA 744 pilots really do it?

Have a wonderful day :)

Leo ;)