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27th Jul 2007, 08:29
The company Iīm flying for is thinking about leasing 777īs.

Personally a dream to me.

Anybody can help me with a good technical specificacions web page or any other docum. on the bird ? as Iīve still been unable to lay my hands on the AOM.

Found a lot of info, but far too general ( including Boeingīs web s. ).

Also a long read about the wing planform will be appreciated.

Thx in advance to all.

27th Jul 2007, 08:36
I'm rated on B777-200ER. It's a great great fun...
It's the easiest airplane, I've ever fly.

If you need something...


27th Jul 2007, 10:17
Actually, you can download the manual via eMule (or other fileshare programs).
Otherwise the Boeing ACAP is always a good place to start from, although performance data are limited.

28th Jul 2007, 20:59
This website used to have an entire generic Boeing 777 Tech manual ...... but it disappeared. Probably a copyright issue ..........


2nd Aug 2007, 22:10
Thank you all very much.

Iīll get to it right away.

Be ready for questions as soon as I get started to read.

Thx again.

3rd Aug 2007, 09:56
Check with the leasing group your company has requested quotes from.

I am sure they would happily provide you with a look at most of their material on the aircraft.