View Full Version : 53 Percenters...Did you jump too soon?

Ochre Insider
27th Jul 2007, 03:37
Lots of chatter on the grapevine...

1) New QF Shorthaul offer apparenly "much" better than that previously rejected, to the point where it can almost be regarded as "a decent package given the circumstances".

2) Jetstar EBA negotiations opened early at the instigation of Management with a view to deploying defensive countermeasures against pilot poachers. First offer would have JQ pilots earning "significantly" more than their Virgin counterparts. Negotiations continue...

3) Tiger trainees in Singapore advised of immediate contract renegotiation to ensure sufficient crew attracted and retained to facilitate business plan. Rumour of $245,000 package sufficiently strong to embolden AIPA to explicitly quote figure in AIPA Insights.

Given the above, 53% of Virgin pilots might be saying "what was I thinking", while the other 47% must be saying "what in [email protected]#* were they thinking?!?!?!?!

27th Jul 2007, 04:34
QF, J* and Tiger offering more money?... Fantastic! Can only be good for everyone. If VB management want to hang onto their guys, they might need to change the way they do things. 53% was a democratic vote. Right or wrong remains to be seen. Good luck to everyone I say, no matter who you work for. Remember, we're all in this together! :)

Yusef Danet
27th Jul 2007, 04:56
I believe this conversation would be better conducted within vbpilots.com

Capt Basil Brush
27th Jul 2007, 07:37
Why's that Yusef?

Its common knowledge 53% were bluffed through threats, intimidation and bully-boy tactics.

The last offer was worse (overall) than the one voted down by 87%, so how do you think it got voted in?????

Metro man
27th Jul 2007, 15:46
Yes the deal went through, but is it enough to make people stay. Heard seven leaving this month. Rather than force a strike and possibly end up with a few hundred pilots competing for jobs at the same time, quietly leave while you are in demand.

When they can't crew the aircraft getting the EBA through will have been a holllow victory. Management need to come up with a package that makes the sand pit look less attractive.