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26th Jul 2007, 13:17
As reported in Travel Daily...............

Singapore Airlines has announced plans to sell all of the seats on it's inaugural A380 commercial flight on internet auction site eBay. And in an unprecedented move SIA said 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets will go to charity with beneficiaries including The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick. SIA Chief Executive Officer Chew Choon Seng said the move is in response to requests from people all over the world wanting to be passengers on the first flight which is set to depart in October this year. "The first A380 commercial flight will be a moment in aviation history" he said. "It will be a once in a lifetime experience on an aircraft that will make a new chapter in air travel" he added. Passengers on the flight will receive a special certificate to confirm they were part of the first ever A380 commercial flight.

Further details of the world first will be released in coming weeks but people interested in pre-registering for notification of auction details can do so at www.singaporeair.com/a380.

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26th Jul 2007, 13:54
It may not have been a commercial service, but QF has already had their first so called A380 flight. Frequent flyers, media, and virtually no pilots allowed. Apparently keeping most of the staff away was part of QFs policy to boost engagement! (Just like the 85th Birthday Party) (Damn how did I link that one in :8)

Flight Detent
27th Jul 2007, 02:29
the ?A380?,

I would have thought that one would be paying extra to be routed so as not to be exposed to the 380!

I know I will!

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27th Jul 2007, 02:48
Singapore Airlines cancels A380 operations due to FLIGHT DETENT'S refusal to accept A380 concept.:ugh:

27th Jul 2007, 03:23
Hot Dog.........possibly the funniest thing I've seen all day :D

second funniest was listening to Kevin Andrews BS this morning on AM