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26th Jul 2007, 00:14
Qantas is about to enter a period of enormous growth.
The Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 both enter service next year.
Qantas also intends to expand its network by one route per year.
In order to expand QF needs to employ increased numbers of staff
In particular..Cabin Crew.
Where will these people come from?
Will they employ locally?
The off shore bases have not been a success...contrary to the spin from the Citadel.
Poor behaviour by foreign based crew has already caused a move from one hotel and almost from another.
Customer surveys indicate a slide in customer satisfaction in Economy which is where foreign based predominantly work.
Qantas has found it difficult to recriut suitable people for he CC role and in many instances has lowered the bar for acceptance.
These individuals are not "bonded"to the business and their customer service and interpersonal skilld leave a lot ot be desired.
Attrition rates in all three bases is fairly high.....23% on average and climbing.
Qantas has essentially become a training ground for other carriers who offer better pay and conditions.
The "Y" generation is entering the workforce.
This generation is not ideally suited to customer service.
The pay and conditions Qantas offers does not attract the best candidates.
For every A380 Qantas acquires it will need approximately 110 crew and around 70 for every 787..
Thats around 3500 crew over the next 5 years.
The A380 is already being touted as the "elite fleet"
Existing crew have been told that they are too expensive.
Herein lies the problem....how do you entice superior quality applicants but offer them lousy T and Cs?
Perhaps QF CC postions will become just an arms and legs position.
If you meet this requirement...your in .
You dont have to be genius to figure out that service levels will decline over time.
Travel the world,party hard and leave early... bugger the level of service or commitment.
Other Australian and International Carriers are already experiencing difficulties with their newer crews.
Most of QF's experienced crews have either left or are contemplating leaving
What will they do folks...what will they do?
Stuff up probably.
Watch this space
Qantas..the Greyhound of the Sky