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wirgin blew
25th Jul 2007, 04:00
Virgin clears skies for Pacific flights
Steve Creedy, Aviation writer | July 25, 2007
VIRGIN Blue jumped the first hurdle yesterday in its push to set up a new international airline when it received permission from Australian authorities to fly 10 services a week across the Pacific.
The International Air Services Commission granted flying rights to Virgin Blue International Airlines for five years, on condition it starts services no later than November 30 next year.
Virgin wants to fly Boeing 777-300ER airliners to destinations on the US west coast, and is due to unveil the trading name of its new airline today.
It needs to get permission from authorities on both sides of the Pacific to fly more than four services a week. Australian authorities are lobbying their US counterparts on Virgin's behalf.
There were suggestions yesterday that the airline had also received US approval, but a Virgin spokesman said he believed it was too early for that to be the case.
In its decision, the IASC said it was satisfied Virgin Blue International Airlines was capable of obtaining the approvals and implementing its proposal.
"In addition to taking account of the success of the Virgin Blue Group in establishing a substantial network of domestic and international air services, the commission has assessed confidential supporting material provided by the applicant," the commission said.
It said there was enough time for Virgin to get regulatory approvals in both countries before starting the airline.
Off we go to the USA

jack red
25th Jul 2007, 04:08
Off we go to the USA If we can find enough pilots to crew our aircraft!:rolleyes:

25th Jul 2007, 04:10
Will the "new" airline need to establish ETOP credentials in its own right?


Buster Hyman
25th Jul 2007, 04:41
There's always the Great Circle route around the Pacific!:eek:

25th Jul 2007, 05:23
hooray - might not have to pay more to get to LA than it costs to go to Europe!

Buster Hyman
25th Jul 2007, 06:14
2b2...its either "Lets bring cheaper airfares to the Pacific route" or "Lets get a piece of that Pacific rort action"...I've got an inkling.:hmm: