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25th Jul 2007, 00:28
Between 1968 and 1970 (according to the front page), Qantas published a series of editions of an Aero/Perf text titled "Aerodynamics & Performance of the Jet Transport", aka "Qantas Aeronautical Engineering Report 3001".

This was a very detailed maths orientated illustrated text for new 707 drivers, but not type specific, and is the best practical aero/perf text.

I've got a copy of Issue H, Nov 1970, but... where there any later editions, and is there a current one in use ? (And if so how can I get a copy ?)

Anyone got any ideas ?

Regards The Dero.

25th Jul 2007, 01:55
Didnt they offer a re-issue (a photocopy) about 5 years ago? Not sure if it was the same thing tho. It was only on request aswell. I think the 1970 issue is the last one made.

25th Jul 2007, 08:27
There was only the original. The performance engineer Wal Stack has gone to the hangar in the sky. There were unfinished sections but it is still one of the best publications. Hang onto your copy - it is a collector's item.

25th Jul 2007, 11:49

Hang onto your copy - it is a collector's item

Indeed it is! I got a copy of it a few years ago......................it's 'gold'! :D

Another collector's item is the old Boeing Jet Aircraft Performance manual if you can get a copy of it. It's got some really good explanations about how to work out some of the more difficult performance problems. But it's not as 'elegant' as Wal's text was!

It's really unfortunate that there were unfinished sections in Wal's excellent publication. :(

25th Jul 2007, 12:42
Wonderful guy, Wal ... we had him as an Industry lecturer at Sydney for the Aero course ... lovely dry wit, no-one ever thought about nodding off during his dissertations .. another good example of the value of having an operational background with the ops engineering work ..

Most of the stuff in the text is standard textbook material ... but purged of the niff naff which engineers tend to like .. so that the remainder is useful for pilots without too much of the maths ..

I have several copies from years past .. when I eventually enter total senility perhaps I should toss them to the first hands up in the sand pit ...

Boeing Jet Aircraft Performance manual .. you probably are thinking of the ops engineers generic training manual .. which is the working text for Boeing's performance engineering course .. generally need to be a customer or with a Regulator to get a place on the course. Been revised over the years but still one of the best texts around as it is focussed on the ops engineering side of things .. the only other way to get the info is to sift through a gazillion tech reports in the literature and the various standard aerodynamics texts ... and that's tedium to the nth degree ..