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24th Jul 2007, 17:02
Hi all. Just spent the last hour or so looking for a portable DAB radio for work.

It is not easy, so many of them about so it was really hard to decide what one to buy.

Do you have one, can you recommend one for me, it needs to have a speaker, headphones socket and can be connected to a hi-fi or something like that.

Less than 100 notes would be a bonus....... :)

25th Jul 2007, 16:41
The best I could find was the Perstel DR301; http://www.perstel.co.uk/productsnew.html#dr301, however it doesn't have a speaker so I bought a portable set and together they do a grand job. Connects to stereo and has earphones no probs. A bonus with the Perstel is that it takes an SD card so you can have a few hours of your own music too (DAB coverage is pretty poor outside of big cities). Bought at Comet about a year ago, about £100ish as I remember.

26th Jul 2007, 06:38
Hi, can recommend the "Pure Evoke" - once you get past the weird name, it's recommended by Wh..h magazine as one of their best buys. Got one from Argos and am dead chuffed with it. Easy to use (good for none tech-minded Memsahib), excellent sound quality and easily portable.

26th Jul 2007, 08:13
The new Pure Move (http://www.pure-digital.com/Products/Product.asp?Product=VL-60833). The best thing is they've got the new lower drain chip set in it which gives it a battery life of around 40 hours instead of the 6-8 of older generation sets. And it's only around 90 pounds.

26th Jul 2007, 10:16
I have also been looking for a portable dab radio, as in everything nowadays; there is a new standard about to emerge called dab+. Dab will not upgrade to dab+ apparently. From googling the subject, FM is better quality than dab, dab+ is a more powerful transmission and overcomes the limitations of dab, but I canít find out if dab+ will be better than FM in terms of sound.
Original reason for looking was Test Match Special without the use of LW, but as usual wandered off into other aspects.

26th Jul 2007, 12:02
Very interesting Orac, I followed the Pure Move link and entered my work postcode. 8 channels. Entered home post code and itlisted 24 channels but 5 of the green tickones are TV Mobile channels, 11 channels are red tick, need an aerial.

I think I shall stick with my little shortwave portable. :)

I believe you can also get a wireless internet portable radio too with 700+ channels.

26th Jul 2007, 14:09
I believe you can also get a wireless internet portable radio too with 700+ channels. It's a lot more than that. I've got of them, one of each make - though they obviously use the same OS and are virtually identical. I prefer the tuning knob on the Acoustic Energy model rather than the flat spin disk on the Magic Box.

I have in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. Allows me to listen to R4 in LA, Paris etc. Only disappointment is that on R5 and other channels they broadcast an announcement or other material when football/Grand Prix etc is on, as they don't have worldwide rights.

MagicBox Imp (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Magic-Box-Wi-Fi-Internet-Player/dp/B000H5U404)

Acoustic Energy (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Acoustic-Energy-Wi-Fi-Internet-Radio/dp/B000EQGUCW/ref=sr_1_3/202-8706973-2699037?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1185455178&sr=1-3)

They have other models such as tuners that plug into an existing HiFi etc.

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