View Full Version : GB to buy extra 9 busses ?

M25 Pilot
29th Jun 2001, 22:50
I hear from a reliable source that that GB have decided to exercise options on a further 9 Airbus's. Can anyone throw any light on this and if so what routes will they be used on ?

Iron Hen
30th Jun 2001, 00:18
I heard the same rumour from within flight ops today so it must be true. I think they will be used on all the profitable routes that BA EOG are giving GB soon!
PS Richard Branson was seen at the Beehive this week, or someone very much like him.

Must fly!

1st Jul 2001, 12:10
GB will take 4 A320's in Feb(1)G-TTOB / Mar (2) G-TTOC & D / Apr (1) G-TTOE in 2002.. Allegedly, the plan is to have 19 "Airbus" in service by the end of 2006 - including A319/s to replace the 737-300s. There will be 11 aircraft (4x 737-300 / 5x Airbus A320 / 2x A321) in service at the start of the Summer 2002 season..

It appears also that GB & BA have swapped delivery positions on A320/321s. BA will now take A321 line numbers 1637 & 1671 (from memory) and they will be registered G-M??A for some reason.. Roughly those line numbers should be deliverable next winter.

1st Jul 2001, 13:11
They'll be for uk domestics from LGW and LHR.

Rumours everywhere
2nd Jul 2001, 12:26
That probably fits in with the alleged 300 million bid for GB from BA (to counteract Richard Branson, like what happened at CityFlyer. Not that RB could afford us at the moment - so rumour has it)

Big Dog's
2nd Jul 2001, 16:21
Do tell us more rumours Rumours!

M25 Pilot
7th Jul 2001, 13:02
Maybe a cityflyer style BA takeover coming up, do you think?