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23rd Jul 2007, 00:02
Friday, MAY 18, 2007

SkyAirWorld is the proud owner of Australia’s first Air Operators Certificate (AOC) for the new and revolutionary Embraer E-Jet. SkyAirWorld have successfully accomplished a significant achievement in Australian aviation history through completing their AOC for the Embraer E-170 aircraft type, in just 6 months, ahead of time and within budget.

On Tuesday May 15, SkyAirWorld underwent its proving flight with the Australian Aviation regulator, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) stringently checking that all processes and procedures were adhered to. Passing the proving flight of a High Capacity International Regular Public Transport Air Operator Certificate on the first is a massive achievement. The operating crew took part in a large number of simulated emergency and passenger disruption scenarios from CASA including a bad weather
diversion to an alternate location which made for a challenging day.

‘The SkyAirWorld team dealt with the complexity of these events which highlighted the professional nature of the operating crew and validated the training and operational support systems demonstrating the level of team work that we have at SkyAirWorld’ added Peter Schott the AOC Manager at SkyAirWorld. ‘Introducing a new aircraft to the Australian market is a complex, multi-million dollar project. To pass the proving flight on the first attempt shows confidence in our team, the procedures and the professional way SkyAirWorld worked with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).’

‘Achieving this important aviation milestone in a six month period is a credit to the professionalism and dedication of our team. I am immensely proud of how we have come together in such a short space of time’ added David Charlton, SkyAirWorld’s CEO.

The success was the final stage of the AOC for SkyAirWorld and the airline is now ready for commercial operation. SkyAirWorld's first partner, Solomon Airlines, will begin using the E170 on its commercial operations between Brisbane and the Solomon Islands immediately.

In the process of attaining an AOC SkyAirWorld had to satisfy Australia’s very high standards of aircraft engineering, maintenance, check and training and production of all the manuals for the aircraft for Australian standards. As SkyAirWorld is also a start up, the process is rigorous and the addition of the aircraft type being a first make SkyAirWorld pioneers in the Australian aviation.

SkyAirWorld now has two Embraer E-Jet pilots approved who are the only two
Australian pilots fully endorsed to operate and train pilots on these aircraft. ‘The E-170 is an exceptional aircraft to fly. It is operationally sophisticated and reliable. The sooner we can train more E-Jet pilots the quicker we can have more Embraer E-Jets in Australian skies’ added Peter Bulley, Check and Training Manager, SkyAirWorld’s first pilot to achieve approval.

The airline’s ambition is to deliver efficient, effective and economical aviation support solutions, with the introduction of the Embraer E-Jet to Australia as the first phase of their growth. SkyAirWorld has exciting plans for its next two Embraer E-190s in 2008 so watch this space.

23rd Jul 2007, 00:45
uhhhhh, what about Air North's 170?

seen the date on the article in your post?

Ralph the Bong
23rd Jul 2007, 02:59
The above is copied from the SAW website 'News' section.
Another thread detailed how they alledgedly failed the emergency procedures check and other operators had to step in to fulfil SAW's contractual obligations (No AOC for Skyairworld, delay for Solomon Airlines thread, A1Bugsmasher post 3/5/07 @ 0805). I guess we should recognize that this is a rumour network.
With all due respect to Skyairworld, I am sure that these people made a most commendable effort in regard to their AOC application.