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Tee Emm
21st Jul 2007, 12:48
From the British AAIB website:

Report name:
Airbus A340-642, G-VSHY
Airbus A340-642
Runway 09R, London Heathrow Airport
Date of occurrence:
25 February 2006
Public transport - Fixed Wing
Towards the end of the final approach to Runway 09R at London Heathrow Airport, in strong gusting crosswind conditions, the aircraft began to drift to the right of the runway extended centreline. At the moment of touchdown, the aircraft was drifting to the right, its heading was some 10 to the left of its track and its roll attitude was approximately 3.5 right wing low. These factors resulted in the tyres of the two outer wheels of the right main landing gear making firm contact with the right edge line of the designated runway surface. The aircraft remained on the paved surface but both tyres deformed and burst, causing minor damage to the aircraft. Following the touchdown, the aircraft tracked to the left and regained the runway centreline. The flight crew slowed the aircraft and turned off the runway on to a taxiway, where it was brought to a stop. Here, the passengers disembarked and were taken to the terminal by bus. After an inspection, the aircraft was towed to a nearby stand.
Download report:
http://www.aaib.dft.gov.uk/sites/maib/_shared/ico_pdf.gif Airbus A340-642, G-VSHY 07-07.pdf (http://www.aaib.dft.gov.uk/cms_resources/Airbus%20A340-642,%20G-VSHY%2007-07.pdf) (1,318.05 kb)

If I recall correctly, wasn't there an almost identical incident last year involving an A340 and crosswind when landing on Melbourne Runway 16?

21st Jul 2007, 18:26
I was always taught never to get downwind during the final stages of approach in a crosswind, as when you ease off the drift the momentum coupled with the crosswind effect will push you towards the runway edge and in a wide-body that could mean a runway excursion. I don't know about the Melbourne incident, but an SIA B777 had a similar runway excursion in a crosswind a couple of years ago.

VH-Cheer Up
22nd Jul 2007, 01:46
There is a long post with details of the Melbourne incident on the airdisaster forum here (http://www.airdisaster.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76619).

The full ATSB report is here (http://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2005/AAIR/pdf/aair200505311_001.pdf)