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21st Jul 2007, 00:07
Hi Ladies and Gents,

As the old thread has finished I just wanted to get a new one started for people to post any info they have in relation to start dates, new courses etc. Please dont use this as a red rat bashing thread, just keep it to useful constructive info for all interested parties. Best of luck.


24th Jul 2007, 09:47
I understand there is one end of Jul/start of Aug. I assume the next one after that would early Sep.

Any one have better info?

25th Jul 2007, 01:20
In a recent weekly flyer the CP stated that there will be a 100 new S/O's recruited by Christmas.....and a total of 500 S/O's over the next 3 years...
Considering that only 12 have started since this info was released and based on the assumption that each intake would vary from 12-14 guys/gals per course I would expect that there would be at least 1 course starting every month....HAPPY DAYS!!

Good luck to all waiting.....


25th Jul 2007, 04:27
Quoted from Australian Aviation, August 2007:

"Qantas has announced it will establish its own stand alone flight training business unit by the end of this year as it seeks to employ up to 3000 new pilots over the next decade." (p19)

Happy days indeed.

A word of warning. If you join these schools as an instructor thinking its a great back door into a jet, forget it. We tryed that in the 90's but could not break in to main line because Q needed aces in their places. I.e. we were doing such a good job they wouldn't let us leave!

Good luck to everyone. Its a good year to be a pilot! :)