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20th Jul 2007, 23:45
Just changed from 2mb to a Max service from Pipex (don't laugh please) and have some simple and basic questions.
On the 2mb service I would get download speeds at 1.8, when the service changed this morning I found with my first speedcheck I got 7.5 but since then I have been down to 0.6 and now steady at 1.8 again. I know there is a 10 day period while things settle down so is this normal?
Some more info....on the 2mb service my US/DS margin were about 28/29 and now they are 24/10.
I have read as many of the post on speed improvement as I can and changed the wiring in my sockets, should I be switching my router on and off or just leave things to sort out themselves?
Last point, Pipex said I would have a static ip address, this has not happened, does this matter?
Thanks in advance for any replies.

21st Jul 2007, 00:39
Unlike the fixed rate you had previously, Max really means anything between 0 and a bit less than 8 Mbps, depending on network load. So what benefits do you expect to see from "upgrading"?

Anyhow, the deed has been done, so lets take it from where you are.

The 10 day "training period" is to allow equipment at your local exchange to assess the quality of your line. You may see wild fluctuations in speed. What you have observed is probably not abnormal. Frequent router disconnections may be interpreted as line drops; if possible, do not switch off your router during the training period.

A static IP address is unimportant, unless you are running a server. Actually, there may be benefits in having a dynamic IP address, but I won't elaborate.

Pipex has broken a promise? :uhoh: Why am I not surprised? :confused:

21st Jul 2007, 01:04
I left Pipex and a shaky 1.8mbps downlink, for UKFSN and a rock-stable 3.2mbps on Max. I'm a long way from the exchange.

The rural hideyhole happens to be about 50 yards from the exchange (a very small brick building on the edge of a field nearby) and that's settled down to a very nice 6.something.

Agree the recommendation to leave it well alone, and switched on all the time.

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