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No SAR No Details
20th Jul 2007, 13:01
Just received an email from the ABCs MEDIA WATCH regarding the John Laws/David Cox interview. The say they were tipped off that 2UE weren't letting anti qantas callers have equal access to air time.
They want any one that had a problem that day ringing in to refute Coxs statements to contact them and tell them about it.

The Mr Fixit
21st Jul 2007, 15:11
I tried to ring but being interstate couldn't get through plus Brissie is 20 years behind

22nd Jul 2007, 04:09
Don't forget that Law's son in law is a Qantas 747 Capt

Capt Fathom
22nd Jul 2007, 04:38
If the media is correct, the son-in-law of Lawsies' wife! :ok:

22nd Jul 2007, 13:04
Yes his son in law is a Qantas Captain, that has no bearing on 2UE.

He is also a lovely guy. I won't speak for him, however but actually knowing him would rather eloquently point out the shortcomings of QF and management if need be!

B A Lert
23rd Jul 2007, 01:54
Laws has always had a 'soft spot' for Qantas, even before the 'cash for comments' episode made it compulsory for radio jocks to declare their interests. Here is a 'cut and paste' from Radio 2UE's web-site about one of Laws' Commercial agreements:

Parties to agreement: John Laws, Smith Smyth & Jones Pty Limited and Qantas Airways Limited
Date of agreement: 1st May 2004 to 31 December 2010
Obligation: To record radio commercials, voiceovers for TV commercials and corporate videos. To provide the personal endorsement of John Laws in recorded and live radio commercials. Provide voiceovers for TV commercials and Corporate videos
Benefit Provider: Qantas Airways Limited
Consideration: More than $100,000 per annum

Did the Qantas head spanner thrower venture on to anyone else's program??? :hmm::hmm::hmm:

No SAR No Details
23rd Jul 2007, 11:43
Just saw Media Watch and they gave it to Laws big time.
In fact listening to it again almost made me throw up with all the praise he was heaping on Qantas and how the information that "Mark" was talking about (the staples and the 50 hrs of inspections in 8 hrs) was innaccurate because he heard it second hand from someone that still works for Qantas.
The transcript will be available tomorrow I believe on their website.

Anulus Filler
24th Jul 2007, 03:27
Well here is the article. Can't help but laugh at how bias John Laws is. But I guess if I was given $100k, I'd wan't to smooth things over as well.