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20th Jul 2007, 12:06
This is going to sound a bit "yeah, right!" :hmm:, but I know someone, who recently been getting to know a young lady rather “intimately”, who is in on the QANTAS schemes and/or logo changes.:oh: She apparently says, they're looking to do both Qantas and JetStar at the same time. With QANTAS likely to go to a similar look to Jet Star, but bring back some history of QANTAS gone by.

In no particular order here's what he’s mentioned;

A return to use of the red colour as seen on the body-stripe of the L-188 Electras and 707's.(Lets call it OLD RED from here on!)
Instead of the current red tail/ small red triangle with roo, going to an all white aircraft is preffered. A red Kangaroo will go on tail with red ‘QANTAS’ titles using the OLD RED colour. (This way Jet Star wouldn’t have too many changes to ease a family look. More on Jet Star below)
If the red tail is kept however, the leading/trailing edge lines will not be a straight, but ‘flow’ down and forward. Similar to Emirates but more of it and longer.
A more 'modern', possibly smaller Roo, with a possible return to the seventies ‘Roo with wings’. The Roo will be OLD RED if an all white aircraft, white if a red tail is kept.
Engine cowlings to be the OLD RED.
The word QANTAS will go to a more ‘simple’ font similar to that of Jet Star and be the OLD RED colourThe belly of QANTAS planes to be painted OLD RED – just like with Jet Star – but with QANTAS written on them. If a red tail is kept, this would still be done but with the red from the tail flowing into the belly. It seems that all white is preffered for the new scheme -except for the new engine cowls!!

Basically what’s being mooted for QANTAS, is basically the scheme Jet Star already has. It’s being thought that QANTAS should be given a fresh look, but also give it, and Jet Star, a ‘family look’.

The OLD RED colour for Qantas will be used by Jet Star also. There’s even been talk of Jet Star going to a ‘red-tail’ like QANTAS, keeping the word ‘JET’ black and making the star white. If not then the layout remains as is, however the star adopts the OLD RED.

Jet Star has option of phasing out silver body colour, with ex Qantas aircraft coming on-line, and new - 787’s etc – coming, white bodies could be easily achieved. Silve may stay though to give it a little bit of distance.


So there we go. My advice is check out some piccies at www.airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/) for QANTAS of old to see the OLD RED, and the old Roo for those too young to actually remember it.

I’m trying to get a ‘borrowed’ artists impression to post here too! :E

Buster Hyman
20th Jul 2007, 12:52
Here's a Roo from the 70's if were going retro...

20th Jul 2007, 12:59

The Kangaroo is going to have to have a zip lock bag, be submissive and not kick the s**t out of anything that challenges it to fly to make it as a modern airline icon.


20th Jul 2007, 16:06
Sounds like the fantasy of some spotters.

20th Jul 2007, 18:42
Buster, 1 too many beers and a dose of CRAFT, but i reckon if u have a car with that emblem on it, u would be a wealthy man....................hang on, that means u r not a pilot ;)