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Freddy Fudpucker
20th Jul 2007, 07:48
Heard from the browntown refueller that the red tailed regional is seriously contemplating importing foreign cadets. They will be employed on different conditions (lower pay) to the Australian FO's for a period of upto 12 months.
The cadets parent companies will subsidise their wages and the regionals will get pilots for the looming pilot shortage....what a win-win for all involved, except the pilots that is.
Some may dismiss this as global economics, but how can this be fair when there are still lots of eager GA guys and girls floating around.

Erin Brockovich
20th Jul 2007, 08:05
No itís not fair, but thatís beside the point. It is just plain bad business practice. These supposed parent companies are having to tackle their own regions pilot shortage anyway. I canít see them giving pilots away and paying for the privilege.

If true itís just another desperate attempt to delay the inevitable Ė to pay us more money!!

Howard Hughes
20th Jul 2007, 08:10
but how can this be fair when there are still lots of eager GA guys and girls floating around.Don't worry, the eager GA guys/gals will be getting direct entry commands soon...;)

20th Jul 2007, 08:24
Take them straight out of China Southern in WA.:E

20th Jul 2007, 11:09
Getting a rotation of F/O's is only a band aid, employing and KEEPING experienced skippers is the when these mobs will come unstuck:ugh:

Pilot shortage is biting all operators hard :D

20th Jul 2007, 14:21
Poto, you're absolutely right.

It really is like flogging a dead horse!

The problem is a pilot SHORTAGE!!!

The only way to avoid cancelling services and parking aircraft is to retain your "Experienced crews".

If there was something better on offer, but no shortage of new recruits, fine.

If there was a shortage of new recruits but little opportunities elsewhere, also fine.

The problem of course is now we have both, and that is virtually unprecedented in our professional lifetimes!

We've led them to the water, they're dying of thirst, and they still won't drink! Maybe it's natural selection?

Probably time to sit back and watch the show. And what an interesting show it will be!

20th Jul 2007, 16:47

I will use capitals so it is easier..

PAY THE FCUKING MONEY YOU IDIOTS...... and we will fly your planes.

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20th Jul 2007, 23:33
wateroff are you retarded ?

whats with your "dithneyland" and "IM NOT AN ANIMAL.....STELLA" remarks.

And you're wondering why Qantas won't listen to your suggestions re: conditions

21st Jul 2007, 09:00
Bit harsh Spelunker, I found it amusing...