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Soup Nazi
20th Jul 2007, 01:15
Looking at applying to VB and/or J*. If anyone can give me some information on RDO's, Number of overnights per month, days off at home base for either one would be most helpfull. The pay scale is quite different so I'm guessing rostering is the issue. Any info on interview process would also be appreciated.

The Kavorka
20th Jul 2007, 03:48

working 15-18 days p/m, making b/w $8000-$9500 p/m gross...depending on o/t

20th Jul 2007, 18:53
Kavo, making 8- $9500K/ month, min 10 up to 25hrs O/T u lucky bugger !!

J* RDOs = 9, O/N = O, see numerous other posts re: interviews.

VB O/N 10+, stand by for promises on O/Ns from new EBA :uhoh:

20th Jul 2007, 22:43
Kavo is that F/O or Capt

Soup Nazi
21st Jul 2007, 14:52
So whats a typical roster consist of in simple terms. How many days do you work, O/N's and how many days do you get off at home base? Virgin bases pilots at BN and Melbourne. Where are the Jet * pilots based. Is commuting an option for either?

Going Boeing
21st Jul 2007, 22:23
Soup Nazi

If you're looking for a career, then QF would be your best choice. If you want an LCC to use for experience before heading overseas to fly some heavy equipment then VB would be better than JQ or Tiger because they have a Certified Agreement with reasonable terms and conditions (ie better conditions than the crap that IPG accepted).

21st Jul 2007, 22:34
Soup under the new work rules/EBA at VB expect a minimum of 12 days off at home base.

22nd Jul 2007, 01:14
Virgin bases pilots at BN and Melbourne
And SYD now too :8

22nd Jul 2007, 02:58
Soup, the only problem with Goings plan, which would normally be a good one, is that with VB u will be going in as somewhere around pilot no. 550 and with Jet* around 450, I beleive that neither of these companies will expand to the point of getting a command inside of 5 years ( ie if you need 200 guys to get commands before you get one, thats roughly 35-40 narrow body a/c ) and f/o time is not much good for getting big bucks O/S.
QF, well there are guys there currently that have been waiting 10years+ for command.

Commuting almost impossible in Jet* short haul, I know of guys that do it in VB

Jestar bases: CS,BN/CG,ML,AV,AD,LT,SY

Its the Pleats
22nd Jul 2007, 04:41
Just quickly clearing up the JQ bases...

Soon to be PER and DRW me thinks. Not LST though...


Night Hawk
22nd Jul 2007, 05:50
Is commuting possible in Jet* Long haul, out of SY? I.e is there many stby's etc..:confused:

How many RDO's do long haul guys get per month?

22nd Jul 2007, 08:51
Hi Cunning

Normally pretty much agree with your posts but will disagree a bit this time (admittedly based on pretty big IFFFFSSSSS!)

I stick to my previously stated beliefs that VB have dug a hole regarding their lack of training (50% failure of command upgrades is not anything to be proud of IMHO) however that was a few months ago and may have given the Flight Department the kick up the arse they obviously needed to spend less time at the Brekky and more time running an (allegedly) professional airline.

I still shudder at the thought that any sane individual could believe that (regarding the jungle jets) putting brand new captains with brand new GA F/O's in a brand new aircraft with the lack of background and minimisation of training that is now the recognised VB hallmark and standard is doing anything but invite disaster - but each to his own. :(

However IF IF IF things improve regarding training to the point where they can successfully introduce the jj's and the 777 (or else "get away with it", two similar but very different animals) then there should be a fair amount of movement in the near future (next 5 years??)
As such I see the POTENTIAL for substantial movement in VB wheras far less so for pornstar.

Of course the question of DEC's to get VB "over the hump" (at whatever cost) is very valid - but maybe best saved for another time and forum! :E

And the question of how the VB "training" is viewed by operators around the world and the prospects for VB captains who have no experience other than VB?? - maybe also another time and forum! :ok:

However agree 100% - the big bucks are for the Captains, F/O time is relatively useless; whilst things could change Captaincy is still well and truely King!

23rd Jul 2007, 06:05
Pleats, sorry wot was I thinking, would'nt be looking at real estate in PH or DRW just yet, last word from AJ a couple of months ago was " PH, not in the next 18 months or so " ( or words to that effect )at the ML roadshow.
DN has only ever been a rumour, I thought.

Night, commuting possible, with proviso u r within 2 hrs of airport on reserves. Since the SY L/H guys are working ( roughly ) 15 days a month, that leaves about 5-6 availables.

Galdian, I thought everybody pretty much disagreed with my posts, so thanks.
You may have misinterpreted what I said, not at all saying VB will get a heap of DECs ( except for the 777 ) but rather with the 15 or so JJs and 7 x 777s that makes around ( lets be generous ) 150 commands. If a new hire is going in with 275 F/Os in front of him ( which he/she will be ) thats not lookin too good for a left seat in the foreseeable future.
With Tiger planning to dump even more capacity on our fair shores, I dont see how VB or Jet* can possibly expand much more than they have already advertised.
Therefore making new hires at those 2 F/Os for a long term ( like Vb in the last 4 or so years )
All of this is of course MHO :suspect:

Soup Nazi
23rd Jul 2007, 14:22
Jetblues and all others
Thanks for that. I've checked out the latest EBA. Seems a lot more dollars than than previous. QF is out for me as no HSC and no motivation to get one. Just turned the big 40 but I do have some nice experience so I'll give Jet* and Virgin a go and see what happens. If nothing, I guess I'll stay right here!

23rd Jul 2007, 21:41
New pay rates and transitional rules have kicked in at VB and have not heard anyone complaining about their last pay - YET !

Its the Pleats
24th Jul 2007, 06:17
Gday Cunning, yes, DRW is a rumour. PER however is on the bid form. I guess that doesn't mean much but still, looks like its in the grand plan. I'm not from PER by the way, so this is not a 'hopeful' post! :)

24th Jul 2007, 06:40
Thread drift I know.....but why does JStar have so many bases? VB seems to do it with just 3, I dont know how many bases QF has, but it cant be as many as JStar. I await you learned answers.

Capt Baldman
24th Jul 2007, 08:44
Because J* don't do any (many !) overnights....Therefore saving $ on hotels, transport and crew allowance's etc......
VB do anywhere between 4-14 depending on the base....
That could (and will) change with the introducion of the NEW work rules in Jan 08............

24th Jul 2007, 14:11
Pleats, yeh it was on the initial bid form when I started too.

Baldy, apparently, jestar worked out that having 2 or more A/C o/nighting somewhere justified a base. I guess all they pay for is an office and some sundries and it gives employees alot more scope for places to live.
Just MHO, of course.