View Full Version : Logging of Time?

20th Jul 2007, 02:04
I've heard a lot back and forwards about what is allowed to logg and what isn't... but I'd like to get straight answers backed up by some kind of document stating was is allowed and what isn't...
Like for example:
My instructors told me during my IFR training on FNPT2 Sim to logg the time as: Total time, IFR, ME, NIGHT, Dual, take-off/landings and Synthetic.

I'm now doing a Type-Rating and I cant get a straight answer of how to logg. Mostly the answer is I dont know.

One Captain couldn't really give me a clear answer either but told me that it was a convenient way to logg all my synthetic hours in the total time and if someone asked me about "real" total time I could just withdraw the hours from the total time...

In JAR FCL 1.080 there is no real statement about how to logg synthetic flight as far as I could find. Same thing goes for JAR FCL 1.050.

I've looked through the Swedish Aviation Regulations (since I'm from sweden) and no luck there either...

Could anyone please help me with this issue?