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Mr snuffaluffagus
20th Jul 2007, 00:04
I am looking for any information on the new style of panel interview QANTAS is conducting. ie: completely behavioural and no tech or QF history questions.
I hear it is now 2 Capt's & an HR rep. Anyone know if this is correct?
If so, can someone shed a light on the type of questions they ask. Have not been able to find any current info through searching.
Thanks in advance

(please, reply only if the info would help answer the general jist of the post, thanks)

20th Jul 2007, 00:57
With the rapacious cost cutting to ensure handsome executive bonus' I'd suggest no Captains on the interview probably a couple of First Officers if your lucky.
In fact it's gotten to the ludicrous stage now ,that the "person" in charge of recuiting isn't even a Qantas pilot, however as a concession that person got a pilot's licence so as to be able to "relate" better to the candidates. :bored:

20th Jul 2007, 11:10
what a GFPT?

20th Jul 2007, 11:12
ppl ..........................................

20th Jul 2007, 11:17
PPL hey? nice ...

So can we expect these type of questions?

"you are doing an engine run up and find that the left magneto is running rough"

25th Jul 2007, 23:56
From Their Website:

What does the Panel Interview involve?
The Panel interview will be of approximately 1 hour duration. Interviewers have complete discretion to vary the length of the interview and the time taken should not be interpreted as an indication of the candidate's performance. Questions asked by the interviewers may include:

Questions relating to the candidates' employment and training history.
Behavioural questions that will require candidates to describe circumstances, actions and outcomes based on specific events from their own experience. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions and candidates are encouraged to answer as honestly as possible.
Knowledge based questions that may cover a range of topics including Qantas knowledge, aviation and industry related knowledge.

While I have got you all here I was wondering what is involved in the Sim Check. I have stage 3 in two weeks so if anyone that has done it and can give me the low down I would greatly appreciate it


26th Jul 2007, 05:28
If you do a search on pprune, there have been in depth topics in the past which seemed to contain some pretty good info. Good Luck

26th Jul 2007, 05:39
The questions vary from person to person and will depend on your pysch profile. Some people they are friendly too others they give a real hard time. Had a mate leave the interview a shattered man after the grilling he copped!
They make up stuff, cut you off, have a go at you, accuse you of lying, play games etc etc They also give you some standard interview questiosn, AIP, Aerodynamics, QF stuff.

The flaw in behaviour based interviews is that if you know what they are playing at then you just play along and give the answer that they want regardless of what you would really do. You also taint all your answers to put you in the best light. You don't need to tell them everything just what benefits you. Bit like selling a car really! Behaviour based interviews really only work if the candidate is unsuspecting so why the hell they use them is beyond me.

I have heard however that the argument for behaviour based system is that if a candidate is willing to modify their behaviour to fit what the organisation wants then that's considered a good thing!! So in theory you could employ a pyschpath who modifys his behaviour for the interview then becomes something else once he's in!

26th Jul 2007, 06:04
The questions vary from person to person and will depend on your pysch profile.
Some people they are friendly too others they give a real hard time. Had a mate leave the interview a shattered man after the grilling he copped! They make up stuff, cut you off, have a go at you, accuse you of lying, play games etc etc
Perhaps in the past, but not any more - they want to hire you so why play games?
They also give you some standard interview questiosn, AIP, Aerodynamics, QF stuff.
Also no longer, purely behavioural now. No tech/company knowledge tested.

26th Jul 2007, 06:27
Also be aware of the secretary who is now manager (the one with a ppl). She follows in the foot steps of previous incompetent manager (now a 737 pilot). The question style is quite annoying.

If you make a statement, expect a question like "why" etc to backup your statement. It makes having a conversation with said individuals very annoying, as you keep on having to interupt conversation and explain why.....

So frustrating arggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

26th Jul 2007, 06:56
I had the interview only a month ago and it is completely behavioural. As someone has already mentioned they look for weakness in your phyc profile and go from there.

My best advice is take a long hard look over your logbook remembering any flight's that stood out for any reason. There is nothing worse then starting to tell a story in the interview and half way through you remembering a better example.

Also be able to summarise your career from leaving high school till now. Keep it short don't talk yourself out of a job. Although they don't directly ask AIP questions if you are telling a story based on eg. Last light etc... They might dig deeper if they sense a hole in your knowledge.

Some of the obvious ones...

- 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses

- When have you had to help a work mate with personal problems?

- When have you broken the law? (Have an answer because they won't rest until you have admitted to something)

- When have you deviated from SOPíS?

- When have you made a decision that the group disagreed with?

- If in a senior position, how do you stay organised with tasks?

- Any incidents, accidents?

- When have you flown with a captain you disagreed with, disputes on the flight deck?

There is much much more and practicing any behaviour interview will help for this. Mine went for over an hour and I wouldn't wish it on any one, but no I didn't feel broken at the end of it. They just want to get to know you as best as they can in 1 hour so be yourself.

Good Luck!! :ok:

P.S. Any body that has had their references checked lately, how long from then until you got the start date?

Blue-Footed Boobie
26th Jul 2007, 07:08
Good post.

Is it just me or anyone else consider the contents of the QF interview (rotate208's post) completely un-inspired, old fashioned and conducted by someone with little training in the topic?

Blue Foot

Mr snuffaluffagus
27th Jul 2007, 05:06
Thanks to those who actually tried to answer the question.

Much appreciated :ok:

SM4 Pirate
27th Jul 2007, 05:12
STAR seems to be the way at the moment for behavioural interviews, not good for "technical, Alpha types": See here (http://www.quintcareers.com/sample_behavioral.html) this site has lots of questions of the nature asked under the STAR process.

2nd Sep 2007, 11:18
Hey guys,

I have QF stage 3 in a week or so and I am just trying to confirm that the interview is all based on behavioural questions. I am limited on study time so I really don't want to go through the company profile etc with a fine tooth comb. I have previously completed the Qantaslink Sim/Interview, is this very similar? When I did the Qantaslink interview it was behavioural with some basic IFR questions that should be known anyway.

Any positive replies appreciated

Thanks in advance

2nd Sep 2007, 12:47
They'll sit you down and ask you to tell them about yourself in regards to aviation. All questions are behavioural - questions seem to be tailored to each individuals psych/motivational profile. Have been told some get a hypothetical question that is not aviation related - most probably to test an individuals lateral thinking under pressure! ensure you have thought why you want to fly for qantas, know the role of a S/O. Lot's of questions regarding leadership positions you may have been in. strengths/weakness', emergency situations, had to stand up for yourself? as stated earlier, all behavioural apart from a hypothetical and knowing the role of a S/O.
good luck ;)