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socks and thongs
19th Jul 2007, 03:18
Hi all,

Just have a couple of questions regarding a few points I am struggling with on the van. I have my hands on the flight safety manual but it is lacking a few pieces of info.

First is with regards to the Vacuum system. The flt safety manual highlights that a vacuum system powers the left AI and the right DI but doesn't mention how the remaining gyro instruments are powered. Are they powered by the electrical system or a second vacuum system? (disregarding the turn coordinators)

Second is in relation to the vortex generators. Does the manual specify a maxumum number that can be missing (from the elevator in particular) before performance is affected or any other limitations set in?

Thanks in advance for the help

The Hedge
19th Jul 2007, 09:57
There is only one vacuum system on the van. There are two sources, engine and stby vac pump. The LH AI and the RH DI are vac driven. The HSI and RH DI are electric as are both TC's.

Dunno about the VG's.

socks and thongs
20th Jul 2007, 00:03
Thanks for that Hedge, much appreciated :ok:

20th Jul 2007, 10:54
From memory the vortex generators are for a TOW increase. If lose, 3 I think you have to revert to the factory standard TOW.

21st Jul 2007, 08:03
The vortex missing is a No-Go item.One missing is a NO-GO

One other small point .Read the limitations in the supplement section of the POH/AFM with regards to any options fitted .This is where you will find the minimum ice speeds for a Caravan with a pod fitted 120 KIAS.Without a pod it used to be 104/5 now it is 120 as per the AD's as most have pods make sure you never get below 120 KIAS unless you are flaring to land.And even then if you are iced up bad fly it onto the runway .

miles offtarget
23rd Jul 2007, 16:30
I don't know if it's still active, but www.caravanpilots.com used to an excellent source of tech material.

23rd Jul 2007, 18:36
Most newer aircraft are issued with a Configuration Deviation List (CDL). Pretty sure you'll find the info on the VG's (or lack there of) in there. Normally tacked into the back of the AFM (the factory one). Same as if you lose static wicks etc. If it's not there talk to your maintenance people. They'll know for sure. Enjoy the van. Had a circuit in it once. Great bit of kit.


socks and thongs
24th Jul 2007, 05:03
Thanks again all for the info, cleared things up a great deal. Good link to the van pilot site too, looks like there's a great forum there that is still going strong, cheers.