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piston broke again
17th Jul 2007, 13:18
Just want to throw this one out there....We had a 40 minute wait from start of taxi to wheels up at Perth. This length of delay is fairly unusual but its starting to become common place especially around peak times, not to mention the usual 10-15 minutes of holding inbound.

What sort of delays does everyone else have at the larger airports (ie. Melb / Syd) for both CHTR and RPT?

Wing Flex
17th Jul 2007, 14:01
SYD airport has had its fair share of delays recently due to various reasons.

My favourite is when the airport decides to operate on just one runway (RW25) for all arrivals and departures on a CAVOK day with a westerly wind gusting up to 25kts.

From the confusion of a start clearance being required on a separate frequency to pilots being mis-informed on what actual delays are to be expected (One aircraft told 10mins, another that called 1min later told 5mins) adds to the overall excitment of operating at Sydney airport. :ok:

17th Jul 2007, 14:23
Bunch of Pussys. Try a 3 hour delay from HKG to PVG (Shanghai) due "military activity."

(Enter Paul Hogan), "That's not a delay, this is a REAL delay".


Dave The Snail
17th Jul 2007, 21:38
Yeah, 40 minutes taxi to take-off is a dream start to a flight in many parts of the world ....... it's only going to get worse here. The sheltered aviation industry here in Australia is finally catching up to the rest of the world (in so many areas). Brace, brace, brace.....

17th Jul 2007, 21:49
Best delay I have ever personally experienced is 4.5 hours start of taxy to wheels up in New York. JFK seems to have several hours of taxy if you are lucky most times weather is present.

In Australia, some of the best used to be Sydney before 34R was available for departures. In the busy part of the morning, only 34L was available to take off on, and 40 minutes would have been pretty normal often back then. Then again, an east coast low, howling easterly and 07 for arrivals and departures only over the easter weekend many years back was also chaos. If my memory serves me right, it took nearly 2 hours from closing doors to airborne one night.

sydney s/h
17th Jul 2007, 22:07
can a 744 land/takeoff on the third runway at SYD airport?

17th Jul 2007, 22:15
..."can a 744 land/takeoff on the third runway at SYD airport"....

That depends on two things ..How heavy it is and who the skipper is...:E

Like Bazzamundi the best delay I have had is JFK.A storm hit had just hit and closed the airport and then the delay and taxi which looked more like a conga line took around the same time as the flight to LAX.

17th Jul 2007, 23:48
This flight Ex Lax is never ever ever on time.
If you have a tight connection in SYD then you can forget it.
Avoid this service at all costs.
Schedule is arrival in SYD is 0725
Last time I operated this sector we arrived at 1300

west atc
18th Jul 2007, 00:27
The delays in Perth are due to the growth in mining activity and have not been supported by increased capacity in airspace or landing spots. When we operate with only one runway there are only about 24 landing slots per hour which when there are more than 30 aircraft scheduled to arrive within 30 - 35 minutes, it is inevitable that there will be delays. The mix of aircraft types also makes it unlikely that all spots will be used.
The route structure does not support the amount of traffic there is now during peak times and the main problem with the route structure is caused by the amount of RAAF airspace close to Perth.
The fact still remains however that the delays are still mainly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only, the rest of the days are still fairly delay free.

18th Jul 2007, 01:07
Which RWY do you call the third one, I assume the 16L/34R.

Seems they do make it out, see below......Landing is possible also.


19th Jul 2007, 05:44
For QF on the 744 34R/16L is a emergency runway. ie not to be used for landing unless the other two runways have unexpectedly closed and you don't have enough fuel to land at any other runway with a higher category than emergency or you have a problem which necessitates that you must get on the ground immediately and the other two runways are out etc. 34R/16L can no longer be used for takeoff in normal day to day operations.

Capt Fathom
19th Jul 2007, 07:50
34R/16L can no longer be used for takeoff in normal day to day operations.

Maybe not by day, but I'm sure one snuck off 16L the other night! :uhoh:

19th Jul 2007, 08:03
A agree with westatc. Not much forward thinking going on in Perth!!

Bout time for another long black thing. Not due until 2025! All you need is 1800 m and that will cater for all the charter ops!

SM4 Pirate
19th Jul 2007, 08:22
34R/16L can no longer be used for takeoff in normal day to day operations. Got a reference? ERSA/AIP/DAH etc.?

It was and has been used (think back to 2000, used very very often); I recall many occasions when 16R was not available and 16L has been used in non emergency conditions; i.e. hard to justify "an emergency" for departures, but it happens, rarely, but it happens.

Regarding Arrivals, I recall a BAW using 16L at about 0615 one morning, recently, to reduce the delay applied for 16R and saved over 15 minutes airborne by 'queue jumping' on the bit or TAR not being fully used at that time of the day.

Is there still a taxi-way limitation there; something to do with opposite direction wing spans and the distance between runway and taxi-way?

19th Jul 2007, 10:33
Back in '94 or '95 a B727 shredded a tyre or two on 16R which closed 07/25 as well due debris. An SQ B747 broke 2 records that day-one for landing on 16L then taking-off on 16L a few hours later.