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14th Jul 2007, 15:06
This story
looks like a couple of whinging flight attendants. Anyone know what the real deal is about this outfit?

Ralph the Bong
15th Jul 2007, 19:20
Is it true that these FAs now work for a company that is after Strategics' contract???

15th Jul 2007, 23:38
I've had a few friends utilise the Strategic Airlines set up. None of them are complimentary about it and I'm just talking about passenger service issues. All of them are experienced travellers and have a working technical knowledge of aircraft operations- which is why they were utilising Strategic's services in the MEAO to start off with.

Dodgy airlines is how one of them described the operation.

16th Jul 2007, 00:28
another one of these broker / agents.
They dont have an aussie AOC and i cant find their International AOC they claim to have.... Not to say they dont have one though...


16th Jul 2007, 02:22
Currently on the ABC Website

Name:Australian Aviation Lover
Subject Strategic Aviation
Visit Time 14/07/2007 2:42 PM

Remark: I am interested as an lover of Australian Aviation and giving a Australian Companies a fair go that I am a little suprised by this 730 Report. This report was done with such a bias that I have never seen before from the 730 report. I would have to think that either Nonee Walsh had either a personal interest or a personal relationship with one of the people complaining about the safety of Strategic Aviation's/The Portugal Companys Aircraft. What I have been told by people in the industry is that Strategic Aviation's employees are very well trained and that the people that have most to gain from this report and any other attention was a company that most of the 3 masked individuals are employed by and that 1 is in fact a Director of that Company:=

Gee so much for fair go and maybe these people are less interested in safety of an aircraft and it passengers and more of destroying a companies name to then come in and profit from that companies demise.

Maybe we should also be looking at that company's "shonky" dealings with a south pacific airline and government and having the wrong aircraft.

Name Bias?
Subject ADF Troops and Transport
Visit Time 14/07/2007 8:41 AM

Remark: I am another ex-Strategic employee.

What is this reporters connection to SkyAirWorld? 3 SkyAirWorld employees dishonestly doing the playing dirty on their old company and Nonee seems to be the sole member of the media of Skyairworlds press releases - bias?

What are they trying to achieve? Could they do it better - I doubt it, look at the bunfight going on with Solomons Airlines!

Hifly is safe - I wouldn't have been with them if I thought I was in danger.

Really what a beat up! Surprised the ABC let themselves be sucked into this.

Kwaj mate
16th Jul 2007, 02:39
They are a group of highly trained F/A's who are proud of their contribution to the ADF.
Charlton has made a poor showing of the Solomon Islands operation (their ERJ shambles) and would not like to see him in charge of an ADF contract with an A340. What a mess that would be.
The ADF audits have been very complimentry to date for the present operation; & trust that it will continue for a long time to come.
And who's aircraft would a new operator use? Anyone talking to Luke Butler of late?