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14th Jul 2007, 14:28
Anyone got any info on Saturday evenings closure of RWY 16R and 25 due to RWY damage at the intersection??? :rolleyes:

Heard about the closure of the runways on centre frequency when a QF 767 was advised that only 16R would be available for its arrival... heard later that maybe there was an incident involving a 737.

14th Jul 2007, 22:06
PBI aircraft blew a tyre or something on landing.

16th Jul 2007, 11:53
Heard a rumour - smoke from nosewheel area on takeoff, warned by Tower. Hit the anchors (and this is where I'm not sure it's believable) ground looped coming to a rest on 07 facing South, debris spattered over both runways.

16th Jul 2007, 11:57
Almost funny, if it was a C180 with a nose wheel......believe it in an instant:}:}


16th Jul 2007, 15:09
This is getting a run in a thread on R&N (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=284000) with reasons, effects, etc.

16th Jul 2007, 23:13
I think you will find it was a take-off incident on 16r, eventually coming to rest blocking 07/25 (Murphy was there) reason; not sure, but would be interested to know. Also it was PB not VB.