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10th Jul 2007, 14:50
I bought a Mac G4 laptop on ebay last week. I bought it really just to be able to try Mac as opposed to XP which currently runs on my other laptop.

It all seems fine apparently apart from connecting to my home wifi.... BT option 1 with Home Hub wifi

I activated the airport extreme and it immediately identified the BT Home Hub and asked for the activation key... looking in the original set up manual it says this is on the back of the hub so I input that number/letter combination but get nothing.

Am I missing something here?... can another Mac user point me in the right direction... or am I going to have to ring India?

10th Jul 2007, 17:34
Hi there, do you have security enabled on your router? If so, you will need to use the security "key" you chose to enable your mac to connect to the network.

Best regards,

Ross :)

11th Jul 2007, 09:07
thanks Ross... I'll check that out. Last evening I tried to install the Home hub disc that came with it and got as far as needing the laptops admin name and password... I've emailed the previous owner asking for it... otherwise I'll have to reset it with the OS X start up disc that was with the laptop.

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