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9th Jul 2007, 18:31
Hope this is not too simple for you computer experts..
Bought new Dell Dimension 520 using Outlook Express ,used Microsoft Outlook in the past, keep getting automatic mail full e mail. Really hardly anything in the folders and have deleted anything with attachments. Normal e mail seems OK but can't receive photo from a colleague. Any help gratefully accepted. Just spent an hour on Dell support line with no answer! retirement is so stressful!!:ok:

Dick Fisher
9th Jul 2007, 19:24
First question. Does your Internet Service Provider impose a limit on the mailbox size they provide you with?

Secondly, if people are attempting to send you large files and your mailbox is already full of other stuff, it will get bounced, so you need to set up OE to collect your mail frequently.

extreme P
9th Jul 2007, 19:27
The emails are coming from your internet service provider telling you your mailbox is full? If so open a yahoo (or similar) email account. Transferring large files is a snap and there is no storage limit anymore.

10th Jul 2007, 01:54
If you go to www.mail2web.com (http://www.mail2web.com) and type in your email address and password for your mail account then it will look at your ISP mail box for you and you can open/delete/download or whatever.

(Sounds as though it is your ISP who is sending the message).

10th Jul 2007, 09:49
Thanks for that. Apparently my e mail quota with Virgin media is 10240000 and photo is 10400389. Is that a reasonably quota or is the photo unusually large? So reason for rejection sorted but will wait with interest to hear from folks as to whether I should be looking for a bigger quota or photo unusual. Great service from you guys!

17th Jul 2007, 17:53
Thanks did just as you suggested and success-file too large:ok:

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