View Full Version : Beware the Firefox-del.icio.us combo.

9th Jul 2007, 09:37
Folks, I just discovered that if I type my e-mail name into Google, hit number three is my bookmarks on Firefox, followed closely by my posts on pprune!
If you have bookmarked sites in del.icio.us then they are there for all to see. You decide if you want others to see them.
I guess this should be in Computer postings but I think it needs to be more widely known, so here it is.
Be careful out there!

9th Jul 2007, 09:48
The whole purpose of del.icio.us is to share bookmarks so I guess its doing its job :confused:

9th Jul 2007, 10:15
That explains a lot!
I am like many of us, use it until it doesn't work the way you want it to and then read the manual!
I still think it's a good idea that we nerds are aware of this feature.

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