View Full Version : Qantas plans Middle East return.

9th Jul 2007, 05:43
Its still a long way off but at least its a start:
Qantas will fly A380 on Dubai route
By Saifur Rahman, Business News Editor
Published: July 08, 2007, 00:22
Seattle: Qantas, the Australian carrier, will launch flights to Dubai within about three years once the A380 superjumbo starts joining the fleet, a top official said.
"Yes, Dubai is very much on our radar and when we plan for new routes, Dubai will be in the network," Geoff Dixon, Qantas chief executive, told Gulf News on Frid

Thumbs up
9th Jul 2007, 07:06
Did Mr Dixon mean to omit Qantas prior to word "network"??.:suspect:

9th Jul 2007, 08:16
What does Qantas stand for? J-E-T-S-T-A-R ..... :mad: :* :E

9th Jul 2007, 08:28
Thumbs up is right....

Since when has Qantas expanded under Darths leadership?

There are only two items that have been expanded and that is Jetstar and a few bonus's.

Howard Hughes
9th Jul 2007, 23:24
I call it the Annabelle principle.