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5th Jul 2007, 12:32
Anyone know anything about Ozjet. What their minimums are. What they are like to work for and how to apply. All info appreciated. Thanks:O

3 Holer
5th Jul 2007, 23:47
It would appear no pilot vacancies at present. Check here (http://www.ozjet.com.au/employ.aspx) for more info.

7th Jul 2007, 02:50
How are Ozjet going on the Derby run? what are their load factors like? Heard a rumour they may be struggling abit.

7th Jul 2007, 06:14
Was chocka's on thursday last week...

8th Jul 2007, 04:41
Hmmm a little birdie tells me that Ozjet got beaten out of a contract by another local operator with 3 B737s. Be interesting to see how they are going to make any money out of that. Looks like the old race to the bottom in Navajo's is now being run with B737.???

8th Jul 2007, 07:38
Would they be 3 x Australian Registered 737s gaunty?

8th Jul 2007, 08:40
Dunno mate, heard they were -500s, that all I know.

If you beat out Ozjet, either Ozjet have decided they wanna make some money for a change, or the person you're following is following you. :uhoh:

Minosavy Masta
8th Jul 2007, 09:20
NVFR....I think Ozjets Minimums are 300ft...and 2000 mtrs....;)

8th Jul 2007, 11:18
Reading between the lines, not an ozjet fanatic gaunty?

Why would this be???

8th Jul 2007, 15:11
Rumour is Nutwork is thinking about playing with the big boys... Nifty in 737's... I'll believe it when I see it.

9th Jul 2007, 08:03
Dont start with the rumour of nutwork with 737's its friggin :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Oh btw have you heard the rumour that DJ are looking at 787's :eek::eek:

Ref + 10
9th Jul 2007, 08:36
I hope you're wrong Skystar but probably not....

Gaunty, and the contract was???

Capn Bloggs
9th Jul 2007, 09:41
$10 on YFDF!

9th Jul 2007, 13:22

Which local operator has 3 B737's ?

Dash L8
9th Jul 2007, 13:35
$10 on YFDF!

T'aint 73's going to FDF!!!! And certainly not black and white ones...!

9th Jul 2007, 13:42
Contract?? no idea ??, so far no local operator with 73s, jest the 'ol roomer mill grindin away.:eek:

Mind you, if you dont get the numbers right, the bigger the aircraft the bigger the train smash at the other end.:=

And you should be able to buy a much later model than Ozjets just on the basis of the fuel saving, that way you are also a bit more quarantined from fuel price crazies.

13th Jul 2007, 07:50
Gaunty, very droll : "Looks like the old race to the bottom in Navajo's is now being run with B737.???"
Difference is the Ozjet 732's should have been purchased for far less in adjusted dollar terms than those Navajo's of old would have cost, and of course have 10 times the seats. Even with the horrendous fuel burn, that would have to make Ozjet the cheapest deal in town for anyone needing 100 seats. As long as the punters don't mind the airplane being 30 years old, and it sure seems the Derby punters have accepted it OK.
A younger airframe age and maybe extra payload would be the main reason for a knowledgeable client insisting on the 735, not fuel efficiency. If someone has beaten Ozjet out of a contract with 735's which at a guess are worth 10 times as much as any 732, and done it for less bucks, then you are right - the race to the bottom has begun. Three 735's would need to be flying a total of 6000 to 7500 hours a year just to cover the lease costs. That's a HUGE contract even for W.A. If the rumour is true, of course.

13th Jul 2007, 08:41
..............and don't forget folks, skywest WILL be operating A320s in November 2006 :}

Kwaj mate
14th Jul 2007, 05:26
Some people have no idea as to the real DOC's of any airline company.
For the 722F, fuel is currently about 65% of DOC's with aircraft lease & insurance costs down to about 4% and engineering charges increasing each year.
The following Operating costs are for passenger flights and are not pure DOC's as such.
With a current 737-200's operations over a typical market with (just over) 2 hour sectors, the current cost per hour is a tad under A$6.1k per block hour.
Of those costs, fuel accounts for 54%; aircraft lease and insurance 5%; crew costs (technical and cabin) 7%; maintenance 10%, landing, handling ANC/TNC, in-flight services, and associated fees cover the rest of the charges (24%). Interestingly just over 10% of total charges relate to in-flight catering, so if cabin services were excluded from sector costs, fuel charges would be about 60% of DOC's.
If we look at another typical operator who boasts their 733 costs being less than A$6.5k p.b.h over the same routes, with a passenger count of 130 passengers in lieu of the 732's 108. Their analysis indicates fuel accounts for 41%; aircraft lease and insurance 10%; technical and cabin crew 6%; maintenance 7%, with the balance of charges (landing, handling ANC/TNC, in-flight services etc.) 36%.
For the same market, a 734 should cost about A$6.9k p.b.h. and the 737 just less than A$7.5. However the base rules for the -200's annual utilisation would not apply to newer aircraft models with greater sector performance and higher annual hours, all of which would reduce costs significantly. Additionally, performance capability enables the 73NG operate at optimum stage length with longer sector distances greatly reducing cycle (landing, handling and engineering) related costs.
The above indicates that fuel charges are the major cost factor and utilisation is a factor of the aircraft type and company culture.
Finally, all this is irrelevant if the operating company is incompetent; if indirect costs and infrastructure is excessive; and support (engineering, resources and training) and is lacking.
As a side issue on potential 735 Operating Costs, the comparative monthly dry lease rates (USD) as at JUN'07 would be substituted for the 733 above: base 733, USD120-200; 734, 145-215; 735, $105-150; 736, 190-245; 737, 255-350, 738, 290-405; and the list goes on. Two years ago a 733 dry least for 3-5 years could cost a max of USD130k p.m.
The F100 cost price is listed at a about USD6m for a good, low hour/cycle aircraft with a monthly lease of USD75k p.m. Engineering reserves are not cheap for the Fokker.
At a guess, if one leased a 732, it would cost about USD50k per month, but the cost of engineering reserves could make this less attractive than a 733; but for 100 passengers the ERJ195 or 735 would be excellent choices.
The ERJ-170 costs off the line about $27.5, can be bought used at about 22-24m and leased for $200k per month (about the same price as a really nice ETOPS 737).

16th Jul 2007, 04:28
Hi Kwaj mate,

Seems your in the know how of operating costs and it was a pleasure reading your post.

One operator was leasing our surplus 732's for US$20 - $35k a month, extremely rewarding if your after an aircraft that seats 100+

FYI, for a BAe 146-200 US$65k Avro RJ85 US$95k

Its intresting to compare the leases of turboprops in the 50seater market. Kwaj mate, any information?


16th Jul 2007, 04:58
gas and Kwaj

You make my point exactly, at that age end of the market almost all the money flows through the company making every body else rich with not enough sticking or acumulating in aircraft value (especially if you're leasing to make it worthwhile. Thats why my comment on if you've beaten out Ozjet on price it will be a realy interesting ride given that they are supposed to own their aircraft.

Unless you've got the deal of a lifetime in margin and index gaurantee on fuel prices over the life of the contract, the things that always go bump in the night on old aircraft become really scary.:eek:

Kwaj mate
17th Jul 2007, 04:23
There is a range of variables that can be looked at, but in Micronesia we don't have a lot to do with the turbo-prop world. For turbo-props in Oz, the ATR is a good honest plane, with excellent economics. Personally the ATP(F) has been a quiet achiever and perhaps a study would be justified one day. The C580F is rugged and dependable but can get thirsty at times; and with new generation engines would be a very interesting airplane. Perhaps Alliance can give you some estimates as they have obviously done their homework on the F50.
SS320 noted that the 732 can be dry leased for a lot cheaper than my estimates, which is correct, but with conversions to the AUD, 50k is quite economical for a nice airplane. For 20-35k p.m. one would need to ensure it was in pretty good condition. Comments that Stoddard owns the aircraft is accepted, but to replace a 732 with another 732 he'd have to put something aside in case of write-off.
Gaunty, thanks for note of approval.

21st Jul 2007, 00:25
Heard that one of the Ozjet skippers made a complete goose of himself at Port Hedland last night... apparently had problems with the PAL lighting. After landing, not being any of his own fault of course, decided to give the poor ground handlers a serve for not having the lights on and waiting for him... :rolleyes:

22nd Jul 2007, 01:24
there are some airline jockeys that expect the lights to be on wherever they go as it's too hard supposedly to activate via PAL...like everyone else has to!

Capt Claret
22nd Jul 2007, 01:49
there are some airline jockeys that expect the lights to be on wherever they go as it's too hard supposedly to activate via PAL...like everyone else has to!

I don't know the pilot, nor of the incident, however, I did fly to a Pilbara aerodrome last week and couldn't key the lights. On contacting the ground agent, I was advised that the PAL has been playing up and the lights would be turned on manually.

What if I hadn't been RPT with a ground agent? A NOTAM would have been helpful.