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5th Jul 2007, 11:51
Recently, I travelled on a regional airline and myself and other passengers were greatly impressed by the information given by the crew regarding the adverse weather conditions and the approaches required at each port. This was capped off by the extremely smooth landings accomplished.

Later, I spoke with the First Officer who informed me that the captain was 70 with over 30,000 hours. I did see the Captain and by the way he moved across the tarmac I doubted this age but it begs the question. Was the first officer correct and if so are there many others still flying at this age in the airlines and undoubtedly passing on their knowledge and skills.

Please no wannabe Captains slagging off complaining these senior pilots may be holding them back as all positions have to be earned and not demanded. From what I saw, passenger confidence is gained seeing these experienced Captains in control.

I would certainly be interested to know if any of you in fact know of Captains in the airlines still flying at 70.

Capt Claret
5th Jul 2007, 12:55
I know of a DH8 Captain pushing 70 over in the west.

Capn Bloggs
5th Jul 2007, 14:45
a DH8 Captain pushing 70 over in the west.

That's what happens when you get to 70: you have to push them, not fly them.

Clarrie, how old are you? With that white hair you look at least 70! :}

5th Jul 2007, 17:24

.....I dont think there would be many of us that would,nt marvel at that.....nothing but total respect and admiration....not a lot has to be said really....I dont doubt the age or the hours....actually quite refreshing to hear that type of news......PB

5th Jul 2007, 17:51
Believe me most wouldnt be doing it if they had of stuck with the first missus. :hmm:

5th Jul 2007, 18:02
tinnie mate...that post has the "ring" of previous experience????..been there donit....advice...marry only for a green card...

Super 64
6th Jul 2007, 07:42

The video is worth the effort to download.


7th Jul 2007, 09:27
There still flying into their 70's because there still paying off the license. At least that will be the reason for the new pilots coming through with exorbanate prices:E:ugh:

Victor India
7th Jul 2007, 18:41
boring friggin' post i know but does anyone know what "exorbanate" means? it always amazes me that people who post here can read flight manuals but can't spell (or at least click "abc").


Got the horn
7th Jul 2007, 21:11
I know of a chief pilot/examiner who's mid-70's, flies everything from a PA31 to F27 to 737-200/300 on both sides of the tasman. Age is only a state of mind.

7th Jul 2007, 21:49
Normally I'd agree with you VI, however your own punctuation leaves your post.... well, somewhat hollow sounding.... :oh:

7th Jul 2007, 22:30
Exorbanate: Dalek
To exterminate by overcharging . (ie Flying lessons, Lawyers,ex wives etc)

8th Jul 2007, 05:24
To exterminate by overcharging . (ie Flying lessons, Lawyers,ex wives etc)
you could start a whole new thread on that one:}


8th Jul 2007, 05:55
Sorry VI if you dont have a proper grasp on the English language!:}

8th Jul 2007, 06:36
Thanks to those that responded to this forum but my queries were answered when I attended a function last night where it was confirmed that the Captain in question was in fact 70 and still going strongly. What can I say other than well done.

However, I would still be interested to know whether there are others of like age operating in RPT operations.

Tee Emm
8th Jul 2007, 13:49
However, I would still be interested to know whether there are others of like age operating in RPT operations.

I think you will find many Aussie highly experienced former airline captains age 60 - 75 who have flown Boeing 777, 747, and 737 and A340 and suchlike, that would love to be able to continue flying, but were forced out by the age 60 rule overseas and for various reasons of age perception are unable to find a flying job back in Australia. The secret is plan your career to already be in an established airline job in Australia well before age 60 and then you are protected by anti-discrimination laws from being shown the door before you are ready to go.