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wirgin blew
3rd Jul 2007, 22:52
Vaile backs Virgin plan for 10 weekly flights to US
Steve Creedy, Aviation writer
July 04, 2007
VIRGIN Blue has secured Australian Government support to operate 10 non-stop services a week across the Pacific.
The airline last week lodged applications in Australia and the US to operate Boeing 777-300ER aircraft across the Pacific.
However, it needs approval from both countries to exceed the limit set under the current bilateral agreement, which allows four services a week.
Virgin Blue is hoping it can now avoid getting tangled up in a US push for open skies between the two countries.
The issue of open skies was raised by United Airlines last year, when it opposed a submission by Jetstar International to fly five services a week to Honolulu. US granted Jetstar the extra rights but stressed that they would like to see the open skies issue revisited.
Virgin says the 10 weekly services are essential to the viability of its new international airline. It has ordered six 777s from Boeing, with an option for six more, and will lease one from International Lease Financing Corporation.
Transport Minister Mark Vaile said yesterday he had written to the US Secretary for Transportation to confirm the Australian Government's strong support for the new airline.
"The Minister believes increased competition on the Australia-USA route is highly desirable and that Virgin Blue International's entry will benefit consumers and businesses of both countries," a spokeswoman for Mr Vaile said last night.
"The Australian Government believes Virgin Blue International's planned operations can be accommodated within existing air services arrangements.
"Nonetheless, we have indicated - most recently at the APEC Transport Ministers meeting in March - that in the longer term, the Australian Government is prepared to look at further liberalisation of the bilateral aviation arrangements between Australia and the US, following the establishment of Virgin Blue's operations."
The airline's filing with Australia's International Air Services Commission shows Virgin Blue International as a fully-owned subsidiary of Virgin Australia Holdings.
The airline, which last week shortlisted names for the new airline, expects to announce a trading name for the new carrier later this month. Contenders include Matilda Blue, Australia Blue and Australia Airlines and V. Australia Airlines.
Virgin is asking for a five-year allocation and says the capacity would be fully utilised from November, 2008.
It said it would bring to the market fundamental elements of its existing model that had brought sustained record growth in both the Australian and South-West Pacific markets.
It also noted that Virgin Blue Holdings had "driven significant pricing reform into markets dominated previously by high-cost legacy carriers".
"VBIA's new services will be in the public interest and will expand the travel and shipping options available in the Australia-US market," the airline's IASC submission says.

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4th Jul 2007, 09:08
The carrier has already placed an order for six Boeing 777s and is expected to name the airline later this month.....it has a choice of six names it shortlisted in a competition last week;

Matilda Blue, V Australia Airlines, Australia Blue, Amelia Blue, Didgeree Blue and Liberty Blue.

How about Puberty Blue.....

4th Jul 2007, 09:22
Some interesting names they have come up with!

Not sure if they'll get the 10times a week, i think the US will push for the Open Skies. Interesting to see what comes of it.

Eastwest Loco
4th Jul 2007, 10:07
I do not know about you good people, but to me (an average large PLUS sized Aussie) the thought of knees around earlobes for 14 plus hours holds no nice thoughts.

If this turkey does fly, then a reasonable seat pitch is a must, otherwise the risk of litigation is too high to be tenable.

I wonder if the Mahhhhketing departments have considered that all of Australiais not occupied by 45 kilo (soaking wet in a greatcoat) Asian stock who would be comfortable in shoebox in middle of road.

Just imagine a load of average Californians.

They on average make me look little!

Best all.


4th Jul 2007, 20:18
Hearing you EW, hearing you. I do truckloads of paxing between Oz-Middle East-Europe-the US. VB (or whatever they decide to call themselves) will hopefully get wise to seat pitch etc. The ozzie domestic product is shit hot. Hope they can match it on the pacific runs.


5th Jul 2007, 01:47
East West LOCO I mostly agree with your logical posts but this...the thought of knees around earlobes for 14 plus hours holds no nice thoughts.
It would rather depend on whose knees and whose earlobes :)
Perhaps....Turning Blue

Going Boeing
5th Jul 2007, 02:44
It has ordered six 777s from Boeing, with an option for six more, and will lease one from International Lease Financing Corporation.

6 plus 1 on lease is sufficient to operate 14 services per week so it appears that they are taking a conservative approach by initially only operating 10 services which leaves some excess capacity to cater for disruptions. As experience grows with supporting the new type then I expect there will be an increase in services without purchasing additional aircraft.