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2nd Jul 2007, 19:31
Hi gay.....what do you think about the following situation....

you are on flight and you have a critical problem (i.e. wheel well fire) ....of course you decide to land asap....when on the ground you have a lot of fire brigate aroud you and they told that the problem is solved for the time being.....so you decide to taxi to the gate with the fire brigate that are following you but during the way......wheel well fire again ON! do you evac the pax? or you keep the pax on board avoiding the a lot of pax running around the aircraft after evac while the fire brigate are working?

Sky Wave
2nd Jul 2007, 20:47
To be honest, If the fire brigade have inspected the wheel well and told you that there is no fire, as long as there are no signs of fire in the cabin (smoke, flames, heat) then I would treat it as a false alarm and taxy to stand with the fire brigade following close by.

If there was any sign of fire I would evacuate and trust that the fire brigade will cope with people on the ground. Since the engines will be shut down there is no danger from them, and I'm sure a member of the fire brigade or airport authority will guide people to safety. Have you seen the Air Crash Investigation on the DC9 (may have been a MD80 or similar) that caught fire? It was engulfed in a matter of seconds so if there was any signs of a fire I would want people off straight away.