View Full Version : 737ng PFD course deviation indicator

1st Jul 2007, 18:30
How many degrees does each dot represent?

I can not find it in the manuals. Any reference to where it is stated would be much appreciated:8


Flight Detent
2nd Jul 2007, 03:24
Hi Snuble,

I am sure they normally indicate 1 degree per dot, and in expanded scale, a half a degree per dot.

That's my best recollection.


2nd Jul 2007, 14:31
The scale is the standard four dot scale. One dot equals five degrees of deviation.

- The localizer deviation pointer
The scale is a standard four dot scale. One dot equals 1 degree of deviation.
A two-dot expanded scale can replace the four-dot scale. For the expanded scale, each dot equals 0.5 degrees of deviation. The white expanded scale goes to amber and flashes when the autopilot sends an ILS deviation warning.

- The glideslope deviation pointer
and scale show to the right of the attitude display. The scale is a standard four dot scale. One dot equals 0.35 degrees of deviation.
There is no expanded scale for glideslope deviation.

Jaguar Pilot
3rd Jul 2007, 15:01
Full ILS - 1 dot = 1 degree
Exp ILS - " = 0.5 degree
VOR - " = 5 degrees
Nav - " = 2nm