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28th Jun 2007, 23:46
There's a French company out there called Archos who manufacture a DVD player, which is basically a cross between a small tablet computer and a portable hard drive. You're supposed to be able to download movies, videos, music, photos onto it and watch them on it small screen or, using a docking station, play them on your TV. Ideal, I thought, for helping pass the long hours one now spends on lockdown here in Nigeria. I bought a model 704 wifi, which even has a wireless web browser built in.
When I transferred a lot of my music files and music to it, my troubles began as it gave me messages telling me I needed to download a couple of plug-ins to watch some of my movies or listen to my music. I was rather surprised as they advertise their stuff as all-singing, all-dancing. However, I duly paid my 39 and ordered the plug-ins. That's when the trouble started because they won't download. After many e-mails I received a reply saying that it was due to a 'small technical problem' - yeah right >. I was sent another link which I was assured would fix the problem but, no surprise..... it doesn't work. More e-mails with no reply, except one which had another unfulfilled promise that their webmaster would contact me soon. My advice wouyld be to stay well clear of these French con-artists and their overpriced, poorly configured, badly supported products. You think Nigeria has con-artists: well it seems they're operating in Europe also, under the name, Archos >

2nd Jul 2007, 11:08
Well i have a little device with that brand name on it, got it at Focus On Imaging last year.

Mine is not as fancy as yours, its just an 80GB driver, that takes CF/SD/ETC and i use it for photography when my CF card gets full as i use RAW images and they fill a 1GB card pretty quick.

Never had any problems so i am not sure how the customer service is, 12 months has gone now so i guess i will never know.

Jessops sell loads of their stuff too, so it cant be all bad?

Yet again, comparing poor customer service to Jessops is unfair, Jessops would loose hands down, dont i sound bitter, or maybe i speak from experience...

Thanks for the warning on that Model Though, If i would have seen it, i would have purchased it for the Gimiks...

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