View Full Version : Double the difference on these fares Joycee babe

Cactus Jak
27th Jun 2007, 04:33
Tigers website have ML-DN selling for 79.99 from Dec. 1st. Closest i could get with J* on same dates was 189.00

Also, Sing return for 499.00 (via Darwin i expect)

Douglas Mcdonnell
27th Jun 2007, 05:20
Nice one Cactus. Looks like your in the money!!!

compressor stall
27th Jun 2007, 05:49
Read the fine print!

It has to be a jetsaver fare.......and must be scheduled to depart within 1 hour of the applicable Jetstar flight's scheduled departure time.

The Kavorka
27th Jun 2007, 05:54
Cactus J

When tiger have a/c running around oz lets talk about the fares then...
They do not even have a aus aoc yet......a little prem I think on all the chat...

Do they even have any oz pilots yet, other than the ones in sing already!!!!!!

Cactus Jak
27th Jun 2007, 06:22
They're quick.
$79 with J* now. Your move Tiger.
(within an hour Stallie )

27th Jun 2007, 06:36

Of course they are quick. Everyone knows all the majors get their pricing policy and marketing tips from these pages!:}


27th Jun 2007, 06:46
I saw the J* ad. on Perth telly t'other night, and was sure the ad. said
'To The SAME Destination'.........(implication being from Perth, I guess??)

Does this also imply 'From the SAME DEP point'??

Who else DEPs/ARRs @ 'Sunny Avalon'..???:=

Maybe I'm just a cynic - after aallll these years......:}


Pluto's gone
27th Jun 2007, 07:02
Wow airlines matching each others fares:eek:

The only difference with the now to then is that in the past it was QF/AN setting fares at astronomical prices:uhoh:

Now its QF, Like a Tiger and no doubt soon VB matching fares at the lower end:ugh:

At least with 3 established operating airlines, maybe, just maybe the fares will remain at an affordable rate year round and not skyrocket in the busy season such as school holidays:D

Time will tell but its gotta be a good thing pitty their not flying old 727's at least they would then roar like a Tiger:)

Cactus Jak
27th Jun 2007, 07:11
So i guess now it just comes down to how many seats each airline is prepared to offer at these prices on each flight.

27th Jun 2007, 08:22

Again; another negative, derogatory, opinionated, Melburnian xenophob.:rolleyes:

"They do not even have a aus aoc yet......a little prem I think on all the chat..."

Are you suggesting they will not?

"Do they even have any oz pilots yet, other than the ones in sing already!!!!!!"

Answer-Yes. The first 5 aircraft (of the 60 destined for Oz) are already assigned experienced Airbus Australian crews. The remainder are filling very fast with balanced, normal, experienced gentlemen (and ladies).

Now please be a little more positive for your Australian brothers who have a very well paid job back in Oz.:ok:

The Kavorka
27th Jun 2007, 09:42

I'll believe it when I see it....

I wish them all the best, I really do. But they are going to have to offer super t&c's to get the experienced crews they need...

Can't see too many guys leaving aus airlines yet.....maybe in 2-3 years if they are sucessful.

27th Jun 2007, 10:28
I wish them all the best, I really do. But they are going to have to offer super t&c's to get the experienced crews they need...

Why are they going to have to offer super t&c?. I wasn't aware that the established airlines were offering anything too flash at the moment. Surely it wouldn't take much effort to beat the current t&c's out there. And correct me if I am wrong, but aren't almost half of the VB pilots now working under conditions that they are not happy with. (look at the EBA vote).

Chronic Snoozer
27th Jun 2007, 11:53
Isn't this cut price cavorting the same caper that put paid to Compass I & II??

Personally, I would go out of my way to fly with an airline other than Jetstar - so Tiger don't have to slash their own throats just yet.

27th Jun 2007, 13:00
Why is that Chronic Snoozer ?

Why is JQ so bad?

Chronic Snoozer
27th Jun 2007, 23:19
I had a bad experience with them. Caveat emptor.

27th Jun 2007, 23:46

Compass weren't backed by Singapore Airlines.

28th Jun 2007, 00:32
Let the buyer beware

28th Jun 2007, 00:57
So much for J* matching the price of Tiger. Just went to book for my family to go on holidays between Melb & Drw and for the whole period between Dec & march on tiger you can get the cheap $80.00 not so on J* you only get limited flights during non peak periods such as mid week.

Cactus Jak
28th Jun 2007, 01:18
Looks like you'll be booking with tiger hey N&N.

28th Jun 2007, 07:56
60 aircraft coming to Australia ( trys to pick himself up off the floor, sides are splitting )

28th Jun 2007, 08:00
Latest Tiger email offers Singapore to Mel for $119.99

This mob will do some damage. They are out to get Q.F and have plenty of backing.

28th Jun 2007, 08:59
QF might have to dig into Darth's bonus to match Tiger's offers.

28th Jun 2007, 09:23
That would keep the tiger broke for at least 10 years .

28th Jun 2007, 23:38
I did a search..........really I did, but the other day someone posted a link to that Qantas letter - the one describing the crews behaviour in a crew hotel. Can someone kindlt point me in the right direction?:confused::)

Hmmm....while I'm at it..does anyone have a link to a TCAS audio alarm (Whoop Whoop pull up) - or stall warning announcement? Looking to fit into Son's model A/C, so as to replicate in conjunction with an onboard miniature video camera. :8 :p

Tks in advance

Cactus Jak
8th Jul 2007, 00:10
From their website-

Tiger Airways brings MORE Oz airfares to a new low!

If you haven't already heard, Tiger Airways is offering you new low fares to Gold Coast. From 23 November 2007 onwards, you'll be able to fly from Melbourne to Gold Coast from only AU$49.95* one-way!

Book your flights now to take advantage of our real deals! And be sure to check www.tigerairways.com regularly for updates on new routes coming soon! Or you can get our real deals sent direct to your inbox by signing up here!

8th Jul 2007, 03:23
Gee Wiz, another low cost carrier


All I want is value for money and good service and I am willing to pay for it.

I am not interested in flying with anyone who claims to be offering flights over 3000Km long for less than the price of two cartons of crownies.

All QF has to do now is raise the bar with full service and they will have a point of difference to win market share on. For gods sake the word Qantas doesn't have to be synonymous with poor food.

I would rather have one person traveling on a $300.00 ticket than three on a $79.00 ticket any day if I was running the business.

8th Jul 2007, 04:38
I think Tiger is going to cause more harm then good to the australian industry at present. Unless they come into the frey with super T+C's for pilots its all going to end in tears by the end of it. The 4 airline model has never worked in aus.. Someone is going to go bust by the end of all this, leaving more guys and gals out of work.

So do you care to enlighten us on your "bad experience" with your $50 fare? And do you really think Tiger is going to have the extra capacity to avoid a domino disruption to services when one of their aircraft goes offline? It took vigin years to gain the service redundancy they have today.

On the bright side... It will be great for the media to have a new carrier to write calous accusations about and ascew truths about....

Unfortunatly I think it will be Qantas mainline who will suffer the most with my 2 cents worth of opinion. The company will require a LCC to go head to head with Tiger - Jetstar is more then capable of doing that now. Virgin as a "New world carrier" would have very little trouble to transition to a full service airline at a must lower seat cost then the big Q.... So i ask.. Where does that leave Qantas? There simply arn't enough bums to fill seats.

If Tiger runs at a loss like it does overseas, the industries picture will be alot different in the few years and will be far removed to how it is at present.... albiet for the worse.

8th Jul 2007, 04:57
I wonder if this supposed trading with no profit is considered "predatory trading" by the ACCC.

I know they do zip about fuel companies and bugger all about any major company like QF or VB so when a big foreigner with huge backing begins predatory activities will the act?

Or will it be only due pressure on Canberra from Mr Dixon and co?:hmm: