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25th Jun 2007, 06:09
Hi Guys,

I remember about 2 3years ago though I stand to be corrected there was a BAe 748 freighter over here in Perth doing a regular freight run. Anyone got the details of the aircraft, rego, the routing and why it was closed down?

Just chasing something down

Just out of curiousty anyone heard of another regional airline coming in with a 44seater turboprop???? Anyone heard it aswell, could there be a demand for a 44seater>


25th Jun 2007, 07:01
Mr Scare bus

There was an HS 748 operating out of Perth on a Freight contract to PD, KA and some other ports around the iron ore triangle. I think it was operated by Hazeltons, or similar named company. It took over the contract from an operator who was using a F27.

This contract is now operated with a Queenair, so it has downsozed some what over the years.

A 44 seat turbo prop would probably do OK on FIFO, it seems all the loads have been increasing to the mines of late. The nominal capasity on FIFO seems to be 30 seats (Braz and D8 -100) but of late there seems to be an increase in the 36 - 50 seats wanted by operators. Some mines have also reciently changed to 80-100 seat jet operations.

The big question is can it go on dirt around 1900m in length.


25th Jun 2007, 07:11
Horizon??? BAe 748 bingo you hit the nail on the head!

I am led to believe that

PD = Port Headland
KA = Karratha

So it routed PER - Karratha - Port Headland?

The 44seater aircraft should do i'll find out?

25th Jun 2007, 07:16
BTW is skystar :eek:

25th Jun 2007, 09:46
anyone heard of another regional airline coming in with a 44seater turboprop???? Another airline?
The non jet routes are "protected" by a legally dubious state government tendering system.
Skywest operate 46 seat F50's and Skippers operate 50 seat D8-300's already so no big change.
The money is in FIFO not RPT. That way the company get's paid per flight not per seat sold.

Capn Bloggs
25th Jun 2007, 12:32
BTW is skystar
Deathstar, chain saw...

25th Jun 2007, 23:53
Yes I know RPT is a dead business, but from what I heard there on about using a 44seater capable of landing on 1200metre runways :eek:

FIFO + Contract + Charter

Anyone guess what type of aircraft it is?

29th Jun 2007, 08:44
HS 748 VH-IMI operated by HORIZON AIRWAYS, BANKSTOWN. arr PERTH 29/09/02 to commence Mon-Fri 2000 dep PER/KTA/PHE/PER freighter service. Continued til late March 2003 when ceased to be economic as QF AIR CARGO reduced their cargo rates to match,and effectively put HORIZON off the run. Aircraft ferried back to Bankstown and continued to operate other cargo services til Feb 05, when the aircraft was sold to CAPE AIR SERVICES, of Capetown,SA and ferried via ASP/BME etc March 05 and re registered as ZS-DBM. Reconfigured back to 44 seater and operates to this day with a number of other 748s on tourist Safari charters.
Aircraft bought new by BA in 75, went on to Nepal Airlines, then IMPULSE in SYD in 94 and to Horizon in 98.
The only 44 seater turboprops around are SKIPPERS recently acquired DASH-300s to supplement their smaller 100 series